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Living with Logan is a blog about practical, real life applications of an impractical diet and LOTS of therapy for one tiny child in a family of nine.

Logan is #6's twin brother. He is the "babiest baby".. last in a line of seven children. The thing that makes him special however, is that he has extreme food allergies, unexplained seizures, is on the Autism spectrum, and has Sensory Processing Disorder. He's on a VERY restrictive diet (gluten, casein, soy, egg and corn free) that also excludes most nuts, tomatoes, and all melon due to allergies.

When I started this blog, it was primarily for the purpose of being a source of support, resources, and information, and to creating a community of families in various stages of their own journeys. I still hold this as my focus... building Living with Logan to become what we wish had been available at the start of Logan's journey. However, I'm the Momma of seven darling little monsters, not just one. So you'll see posts about everything Monster House, ALL the monsters, diet, therapy, spectrum, school, teenagers, and parenting, and ya know I wouldn't be me without some snark!

Logan came along, and life as we knew it changed drastically. But I wouldn't have it any other way.. because we are SO much better as a family with Logan and monsters 1-6 in it!

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