Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Back to business!

I've spent the last week showing you a glimpse of the insanity we know and love here at the Monster House. There was a method to my madness. I wanted to show everyone how completely dedicated I am to my family, and most especially, how dedicated I am to pursuing more and more knowledge and resources for Logan. Now is the time to show the world what this little blog can do.

I am aware that the recipe page of the blog is sorely lacking. Even as I type, recipes are being researched, adapted, and created especially for the gfcfsfcf diet that is so important to Logan's continued health. The sweet woman in charge of this enormous project has been in constant contact with me, verifying allergies, sensitivities, and even discussing things she has learned by tirelessly doing the research. I am excited beyond words for this project. The goal of the recipes page is to have recipes that are versatile ~ by this I mean with little effort these recipes can be used for the whole family while still being healthy, nutritious, and and tasty for the gfcfsfcf among us. The page will soon become a vital part of the "big picture". I thank you all sincerely for your continued understanding while that page is under construction.

When this blog was just a thought, I envisioned a village; indeed a close knit community, of parents and families all working toward the same goal, regardless of where we were in the journey. I want to learn from each others' experiences, celebrate each others' successes, and know that there are shoulders to cry on when the realities just get too intense to bear alone. 

This is what *I* want to learn, at the moment ( as the research hiatus is over, once again): I want to learn more about PT that will help Logan with his balance. His legs do not work together. One leg walks "normally". The other marches, toe to heel. Because of this, he is very unstable, and falls easily. Because I'm horribly mean and fired the PT from EI (Early Intervention), and they only have the one PT on staff, I will be learning how to be a PT for Logan until further notice.

I want to learn more about OT, as our OT through EI just quit to pursue a teaching position out of state as a Special Education teacher. He will be a phenomenal teacher, and I wish him every success while I hold back tears~ because we will miss his positive attitude and gentle teaching methods that were so extremely what Logan needed. I will be researching for a double unofficial degree, in PT AND OT, because I cannot simply let Logan's brain and muscles atrophy while EI searches frantically for new staff.

So. I will be an unofficial full time, at home student. ( This most likely will not stop until I'm dead, you know. I LOVE learning new things!!!) Also, I am trying to arrange a class for my 16 and 14 year old monsters in CPR for babies and toddlers. I have seen in the last few weeks how necessary that has become.My plate is full... and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I will share what I learn, and hope that it benefits others. I will continue to share snippets of the daily bizarre happenings in the Monster House, because in fact, this is the reason the blog exists! My monsters are my joy. I will ask for help as I hit bumps in the road, and hope that somewhere ,someone has been through that bump and can offer advice.

And last, but very much not least, I will learn from YOU. To date, we have not had the written response I had hoped for. Please know that this is as much a blog of the followers as it is a blog of mine. If there are things that you want to see here, I strongly encourage you to email us.  I have been made aware that the email link on my profile does not always work. So here ya go:
~For letters and questions to Bubbe, please continue to use the email address she posted on her Ask Bubbe page.

~For letters and questions to Dena Page, who wrote the guest blog, please email frazzledmomma at the address below~ just put Dena's name in the subject line, and it will be forwarded to her. She is a wealth of information on eating kosher and gluten free, and Irlen Screening. I just love her, I really do!

~For letters, questions, subject suggestions, or any old thing, email frazzledmomma at: benandjerryluvr@yahoo.com  
(no smart comments. I am comfortable in my addiction! ;) )


Dena Page, M.Ed., CBA said...

Mean ole frazzled mom. Firing your PT. Who couldn't remember from one week to the next what she was doing with your son. Who told you to install a balance beam in your living room. (Hello? Ever heard of removable 2x4s or bricks or anything else that doesn't require you to live in a gym 24/7?) Who was more concerned about her long commute and wildlife than she was about your son. Boy, that sure was mean of you... NOT! Hopefully EI will come up with someone who has skills in helping kids like Logan and you won't have to take the double-major. And thanks for the warm fuzzies! I love ya right back :-)

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