Friday, September 24, 2010

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Broccoli for breakfast, and other bizarre happenings

In the mighty Monster House ( I have 7 "monsters".  Don't get upset by this... think Jim Henson. A cookie monster child, a super Grover child, an Oscar the grouch child...etc) we do things differently. Because Logan cannot have eggs, we never have eggs in the morning. We ONLY have eggs when I make breakfast for dinner, and then he gets something on his plate that is the same color as eggs. He's 2. He WILL figure it out if he does not have the same amount of things, or the same colors. And we WILL be told about it, even though none of us are fluent in his particular version of baby profanity.

Because Logan has so many CAN'T haves, we take every opportunity to present CAN haves. Toddlers like choices. I like that about toddlers. This helps them make decisions and figure out likes and dislikes.For example. Today's breakfast choices were:

organic broccoli from the garden, left over from dinner last night
rice cake and almond butter
Rice Chex

I am not joking when I tell you Logan chose broccoli, banana, and juice. (YAY Logan! Good choices, m'love!) Here's the thing. I don't want to spend the next decade or so telling Logan "That's not something you can have." So, I offer choices that are always permitted with his diet, and never offer things that are prohibited. My twisted thinking process is this: if I always offer a variety of things he can have, he will be exposed to lots of foods and flavors and textures that are permissible and never feel like he got left out. As he gets older, hopefully I can keep this same principle in play.

And now.... the confession. I have a Ben and Jerry addiction. The kind of addiction that, if I told the general public, "Intervention" would be banging down my door trying to get me into treatment. Let me just say... I won't go into rehab, no matter what!!! ;)

Logan can't have Ben and Jerry. Ever. And the pint cartons are so fun and pretty and child friendly and desirable!!! I felt like the worst kind of mother the time I had some when I though Logan wasn't looking. He was.  I now have to indulge my addiction between 1 and 3 am when EVERYONE is sleeping. I  had SO much guilt, in fact, that I made it my purpose in life to find SOMETHING sinful and yummy and gooey and messy that this child could eat for days and never have an allergic reaction. And I found it.

Should I share?


Okay.. but you're going to think I'm nuts. The recipe is exceedingly difficult, and must be followed to the letter.

1-4.47 oz. package Quaker rice cakes, the lightly salted flavor
1- jar of Nutella spread
1- rubber spatula like you use to scrape mixing bowls
7 children... or two toddlers and a Momma that wishes she had Ben and Jerry
Remove a rice cake from the package. Slather a THICK layer of nutella on the side of the rice cake that is NOT flat. Give to a child. Repeat. These taste EXACTLY like kit kat bars.

This treat does not have a name. We just call it nutella and rice cakes. And now all the neighborhood kids like it, too! Try it. You'll like it. You'll also most likely need to hose down your kitchen after kids have eaten them, so make it an outside snack, or you can give these to them in the bathtub. Don't worry. They float.


Caeseria said...

What I adore that my son can't have - sour gummy stuff. The artificial colors! And oooooh, I love sour gummies. My son, on the other hand, has no idea they exist, because I never buy them with him around, he doesn't see them, and I only eat them after he's asleep. :)
I will have to try nutella and rice cakes! That sounds awesome!

Caryn said...

My older children love gummies. I'm discriminatory with gummies. Only Bears, and ONLY the clear ones. ;)

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