Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Learning Loganese

I am the first to admit that my knowledge of "loganese" (our word for anything having to do with Logan's allergies, meds, medical history, or diet) is not nearly as vast as I would like it to be. Being his mother makes that all the more frustrating. I can rattle off his short list of meds to any medical professional on command. I can tell you what will happen if he has an allergic reaction from the first minute to anaphylaxis. I can tell you about his sleep routine and eating habits. I cannot, however, stop feeling that somewhere there is something I am missing that is critical to his well being.

I once told our pediatrician that although I have seven children, Logan is the one that makes me feel like I know nothing about being a mother. At one point last year, I actually took video of Logan to a routine appointment to show our doctor. While he watched, I cried like a baby and said, "This is not normal!" It was through him that we were able to get occupational, physical, and speech therapy for Logan, and referrals to an allergist. These were the first baby steps to finding out what makes Logan tick. As recently as March of this year, Logan was not walking or talking or making any effort to communicate other than whimpers. And then, like the voice of doom, we found out about the "autism diet". The changes within two weeks of implementing this diet were phenomenal. Logan had turned into a 2 year old, instead of the shell of a child he used to be. We are still on this journey... and I don't think we will ever finish traveling it, but I am excited to share the many things we have learned, and practical, REAL ways to use this diet for the whole family without giving up the things you love.

If you have comments, or stories to share, I want to hear them! I am by no means an expert. But I am a firm believer that the more people that journey together, the better the experience! How exciting for me.... I get to share Logan with everyone... and nothing makes my heart happier than being able to show real proof that diet and therapy work.

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