Thursday, October 28, 2010

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As you all know, FrazzledMomma just got Frazzleder. Because not only are her monsters dropping like flies, thanks to a megaflu, but now she's been hit with it as well!

So, Bubbe's minding the blog. This hi-tech computer mumbo-jumbo... it's not so easy for me. Usually I just tell the Momma what I want where. (Bubbe's are allowed to be bossy, you know. We're not called "balabustas" for nothing! Look it up; it's not what you think.) Now I have to do all this new-fangled button-pressing. So forgive me if I get something confused!

So look. I want you all to stay healthy because you all have m'tokim (sweeties) who need you strong. You shouldn't be sick like the Momma. Ptooie, ptooie. So here's a link to another bubbe's chicken soup recipe. Check out the video how-to for an unusual but easy chicken soup recipe while Dr. Stephen Rennard explains how it REALLY DOES make you better. (Didn't I tell you -- good food = good vitamins = good health!)

You know, as a kid, we had a beloved cat. That cat would, occasionally get the family cold. Whenever she got sick, my mami would give that cat a bowl of homemade chicken soup. And she was back catching mice the next day, every time!

So everybody be well. Keep checking in because Momma has some great guest blogs lined up for the next few days. And I'll try not to mess up too much. By the way... anyone know what this DEL button is for? Must be a quick link to DELicious GF/CF/SF recipes. I'll just try i --

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