Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Frazzledmomma's Confession and Plea

I have a confession to make. I LOVE to bake. Love it. I love everything about it. I love whipping butter and sugar until it's creamy, I love the perfection of a blueberry muffin that's white and fluffy and packed with juicy berries. I love ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, and don't even get me started on the merits of super flaky pie crust.

With this confession comes the guilt. As much as I love to bake, I have yet to find a satisfactory way to do it so Logan can have some, too. While I was doing our monstrously huge shop last night at the grocery store, I found a brownie mix that Logan could, in theory, have. So I bought it. But I'm picky.  I want brownies to be chewy and fudgy and sinful, cakes to be light and fluffy, and cookies should not crumble before you bite into them.

I have guilt that the rest of the family can have all the fun things that come out of my oven and Logan can't. I have searched and searched and searched, and I just haven't found anything that tickles my baking fancy. I spend $7.00 a loaf on bread that Logan won't eat because it's the flavor and texture of a kitchen sponge. I purchase hideously expensive frozen GFCF waffles that look and smell like sawdust, and that Logan will only eat with my homemade GFCFSFCF apricot jam. 

I am pleading with cyberspace to give me a recipe or forty to use that will not only work, but be pleasant to consume for everyone in the Monster House. The red velvet cupcake recipe from Living Without looks interesting, and I think I'll have to try it.

Last night I think I had a brain tumor, and I bought 7 large carving pumpkins for the monsters and 10 small pie pumpkins for me to play with!  I love this time of year when the air has a snap to it and the spicy aroma of pumpkin pies, bread, and cookies wafts through the Monster House. I froze 3 gallons of GFCFSFCF apple pie filling that I made from scratch last month, and tomorrow I will start  to "put up" Salsa Verde.  My kitchen is my therapy area.

My mission impossible is to be able to make a no fail GFCFSFCF pastry crust without a mix, find a bread recipe that mimics the texture and raising quality of a yeast bread for Logan, and be able to convert a GFCFSFCF flour mix for all purpose use. Can anyone help me? Please?

Baking is my guilty pleasure ( my expanding waistline will confirm this), and something that the monsters and I enjoy doing together. I'd just like to find a way to do it so Logan will be able to enjoy it, too! I did find GF Bisquick last night, so at least he will get to have some of that!

I beg you to email me recipes for GFCFSFCF baking. I plead to my blog audience on pixelated bended knee. I want, no~ I NEED to see recipes that are Logan safe. I'm loving the resources that Living Without have offered, and I will continue to search.  And I look forward with bated breath to see what my email inbox has in store for me regarding this blog!

Oh, and completely off the subject.. I've been wracking my brain for Halloween treats that are GFCFSFCF safe. Apparently others have, as well, because while at the store last night, I noticed the produce section had "Scarrots", little snack sized bags of baby carrots with hideous Halloween decorations on each bag, packaged in a bigger bag like snack candies are for holidays. Wouldn't THAT be a shock for all the sugar seeking monsters for trick or treat! I'm loving that idea, and think I will put that into use this year! Next year, we may be picketed! It might be fun.....LOL

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Dena Page said...

Worlds easiest pie "crust": Crush nuts and line your pie tin with it. Ta-dah! Not only delicious but a serious time saver :-)

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