Friday, October 29, 2010

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Freaky Familyday Fun!

Okay. Frazzledmomma's still seriously sick, but not so sick that she couldn't ask Bubbe for some Hallowe'en treats. And she was thinking of you all, so she asked me to make enough to share. So here you go!

Our thanks to Kids With Food Allergies, who have shared with us some great "spooktacular" Hallowe'en recipes, such as...
EYEBALL CUPCAKES!!!Eyeball Cupcakes
Or you can try these icing tweaks:
Make or buy a diet-approved icing. My favorite simple, simple, simple recipe is take confectioner's/powdered/icing sugar (at least 1/2 cup to start). Add about 3 drops of water and stir. Then 3 more drops. Then 2 more. Maybe 2 more. When you get it to the desired consistency, you've got icing!
For the eyeballs, you'll need to dye a bit of the icing red, and store it in a ziplock bag. Dye a bit blue and store in another ziplock bag. (If you're using my icing recipe, replace the water with food coloring.)
Cut a tiny corner off the red icing bag and abra-cadabra! you have an instant icing bag to make the bloodshot veins. Cut a bigger corner off the bag of blue icing and make a circle for the iris. Stick a raisin or craisin in the center for a pupil.

Enjoy the freaky foods! See you all on Hallowe'en!

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