Monday, October 11, 2010

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GFCF on a realistic budget

There are a few things that shocked me when I was investigating the GFCF diet. I had some misconceptions that were later put to rest, but at the beginning, I was upset! Firstly, my inital thought was, "Good grief, this child will starve to death!" and the second thought was, "Holy cow, this will bankrupt us!"

There is a really amazing Gluten Free Works article that addresses these very issues, thoughts which I am sure most of you who had started the GFCF diet have had.  This article gives valuable information, and even goes so far as to submit a sample menu of a GFCF diet for a family of four. The guidelines were as follows: they had to have a monthly menu for a family of four on a budget of just $396.00, and only things that followed the GFCFSF diet would be allowed. The budget reflects the amount of food stamps that would typically be given to a family of this size. And they did it!  In fact, they came in UNDER budget by $77!

If you have already been using the diet for a while, you may just want to view the menu, and that's OK. To do so, click here . If you would like to read the whole article as well as the menu, click here to read .

While this article was extremely helpful, and the menu was a godsend, I found that I would have to tweak the menu and double it, because I have nine people in my family, and we cannot use peanut butter or eggs. Even still, as a resource, this one is off the charts!

The complete link for the information quoted here is: .  I'd love to know what y'all think of this! I was rather excited when it was emailed to me, and simply had to pass it on!

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