Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Taking vitamins and slaying the dragon.

I have this picture in my head, of a beautifully illustrated fairy tale rendition of Logan dressed in shining armor, one foot upon a fallen dragon, and an arm held high gripping a shiny sword. The dragon represents all the scary things he faces everyday~ food allergies, seizures, developmental delays, SPD,  and autism. It's my job as his mother and advocate to continually search for and find the answers he needs to improve his quality of life. In short, be the person to teach and guide him as he learns to "slay the dragon".

We have made tremendous progress this last eight months, with therapy and diet. But there is so much more to be done. My next quest, on the list of things I need to do ( which is about 16 miles long and it feels like I add to it more than I cross things off on it), is to find a multivitamin Logan can take... I had no idea that his dietary restrictions would also follow to VITAMINS! But it does, and it makes things interesting. I have been emailing a gazillion companies for their ingredient lists, and my snail mail and email inboxes have been full of information the last few days.

I was clued in to the fact that by removing wheat from Logan's diet, I eliminated a primary source of B vitamins as well.  Great. So, I started researching vitamins. Did you know that the vitamin C in children's multivitamins most often comes from corn? Now you do. This is getting frustrating, because Logan is horribly allergic to corn. Did you know that the artificial colors and flavors that vitamin manufacturers use so kids will take them can cause allergic reactions? This is getting WAY more complicated than I bargained for. AND.. why are natural food colorings made out of corn products?? *sigh*

This is normally about the point at which I break down in tears and start shrieking at my monitor, using my mouse as a weapon, to beat the heck out of the computer shelving and the walls. I have a tiny little temper issue, you see. And a very low frustration threshold... and.... yeah.

I have come to the conclusion that by the time I know what I'm doing, I'll be able to pass the test to be a pharmacist, PT, OT, RN, and chef to the stars, because after this, I will be able to cook yummy stuff, medicate, provide therapy, and medical care for the pickiest/most allergic people on the planet!

It would be much more fun to commission an artist to paint the dragon slaying Logan and his brother on the nursery walls, but I suppose I'll continue reading... and researching.... and thinking about slaying dragons....and researching some more.

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