Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Doodle Track

Mara from Let Kids Play is visiting this week to tell us all about fun toys for kids who may or may not have special needs. Thanks, Mara!! frazzledmomma

Want a motivation for your child to work on holding a pencil or pen?  Then I've got the answer, it is a Doodle Track Car.  Watch the video as it explains it much better than I do.  You are going to love this toy.

You can go to their website and design your own track and then print it out.  A great way for a child who isn't able to draw on their own, but can use a computer to create a picture. You can purchase them at Pocket Full of Therapy for $14.95.  To find it, click on the Pocket Full of Therapy kangaroo on the right hand side of blog.  When you get to the site either search for Doodle Track or go to the Writing/Classroom Tools section and it is on the 6th page.

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