Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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LwL on Facebook

Living with Logan on facebook is where we post all kinds of information you haven't seen on the blog, like stories in the news about autism or SPD,  articles from those in the know, the latest research and findings, gfcf diet, and things like amazing product giveaways~ including learning toys! Stop by and see everything there! We'd love to have a larger following on Logan's facebook page . Our rate of views on the blog is growing at an amazing pace, so we'd like to make sure that everyone who reads Logan's blog is also aware of the role facebook plays in our efforts. You'll be able to see LwL's favorite pages, like Pool Players Against Autism and Stuart Duncan- Autism From A Father's Point of View. Can't wait to see you there! And, while you're scrolling through, we'd love it if you'd "like" us, too! frazzledmomma

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