Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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We're dropping like flies here at the Monster House. #4, The Daddy, Momma, all have the Black Death version 2.0 and ( please no, please no, please no) the twinnie monsterlettes are getting the sniffles and a little cough. The only bad thing about being sick in type is that no one can hear your deep, painful cough, experience the chills and fever with you, watch the agony of sinus and chest congestion, or listen to your voice become lower and lower. I could be completely well and write about being sick, and no one would know. Except me. And trust me... I AM sick. Coughing until 3am, when I passed out with exhaustion, is not my idea of fun. 

ANYWAY.The question of the day. It was so fun to see your answers yesterday! *psssssssssssst... Hey, Big Daddy, I read your comment while eating dinner last night. Strangely enough... I was eating ham at the time! LOL

Jill, I really hope that the reason you're happy to get fresh air after being at your SILs house isn't because her home is cluttered with kitty fur, mold spores, or that special fragrance reserved only for previously owned adult diapers. *

The Question of the Day
As a child, what did you anticipate most about holidays? Not just Christmas, any holiday. For me, it was waking up really really early and gazing at all the wrapped presents and Santa loot under and around the lit tree, before anyone got to it and started shredding wrapping paper. I love that scene. I do it even still, now that I have my own monsters. There's something very "Courier and Ives" about it. 

OK. Tag. you're it. Let's see more of those answers! Hope all y'all are avoiding the plagues....er... black death..er.. whatever this nastiness it. 


Bubbe said...

For me, the memory is of Pesach, and there are so many traditions to look forward to with anticipation. Waiting for Elijah, trying to see if he had any wine; that first taste of mom's horseradish, followed by a shnuff of matzah to stop the pain (and who among our guests would disbelieve when we said it's HOT and put a crazy spoonful of the stuff in their mouth); the first taste of matzah all year; wondering who'll get drunk on the four glasses of wine; wondering who'll get to read the passage with the really tough names (should I volunteer this year? I think I can say them all!); the eggs in brine and haroset and matzah ball soup... Knowing what was to come always balanced out the delay in eating! And I loved introducing non-Jews to the tradition as our dinner guests. It's a night like none other.

Anonymous said...

My favorite anticipation was going into the woods with my family to cut down a wild Christmas tree. Then my Dad would flock it out in the yard before bringing it into the house... I HATE flocked trees to this day, but I do still love the look of a fresh Noble Fir tree.

jillsmo said...

No, kitty fur and mold spores are what I smell in my OWN house

Big Daddy Autism said...

Ham. Going into my mouth.

Mrs. Monster said...

For me it was always the big giant feast my Mom would make. And the dessert. Oooooooh the desserts!

...I may have bonded with food as a child... and in turn it bonded to my butt as an adult. Working on that though...no longer looking forward to the evil holiday desserts. LOL

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