Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Dear Santa....


I saw this picture of Santa Claus and just had to share it. First I laughed, and then I thought, "Yep! That's pretty accurate!"

I got to thinking again, about all the things we have learned this year, having started our adventure hand in hand with Logan learning about autism and other things. And you know... I have learned to appreciate his sense of humor, gauge his moods, watch for little signs from him indicating hunger, fatigue, over stimulation... but here's the kicker. I do that with ALL the monsters. I always have. Maybe I didn't know the technical terms for things before now. Maybe I wasn't having to carry out a strict diet for all the other monsters at this age. But that whole thing I mentioned above about watching for signs? I've done that all along. So, I think this year my letter to Santa would read something like this:

It's been a wild ride. It will continue to be a wild ride. But without the adventures in life, living would just be...boring! I'd rather have the roller coaster, with the long, slow climb to the top..knowing that I'll be screaming in terror and uncertainty when I'm flying down hill, but also knowing that going down hill will just get me that much closer to being safe and back on the ground. And I will have stories to share and experiences to learn from, just by having bought the ticket.


Dari said...

Where do you find your adorable animations? They are awesome! Good luck motivating the monsters to clean the house so Santa will come! If you figure that out, share the wealth woulda?

:D Daria

Caryn said...

I get all my animations from photobucket. There are oodles and gaboodles of them there, just sign in to your account, and enter whatever you are looking for in the search bar. Last night it was "Santa animations".

None of my animations are original to me, I'm not intelligent enough to figure out how to generate them myself! LOL

Merry Christmas!

Dani G said...

never a dull moment, huh?! It's been quite a year for me, too. I'm ready to get off this ride! Ha!

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