Thursday, December 16, 2010

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I'm not asking you to care. I'm telling you.

Today, Logan's case coordinator for early intervention was here for the first time since October. Once again, this is my fault, because we've had the ongoing Black Death issue so I cancelled the November visit, and even though we are all sick YET AGAIN I didn't feel Logan could afford to miss another.

Even MORE verification that Logan has regressed. During this afternoon's visit there was stimming. There was "empty face". There was aggression. What talking Logan DID do was minimal, certainly there were never two words put together. He was signing for words he has known for months. 

Case coordinator absolutely agreed that the lack of OT was key in his regression, and further agreed that Logan's need is great. However, EI has still not hired one ( there just aren't any available for hire, it seems) and therefore they are outsourcing. But THESE OTs have private practices. THESE OTs will not travel. Doesn't make any difference that Logan is home bound. Doesn't matter that everyone agrees OT is needed.

Case coordinator can talk to the director, but it won't do anything. *I* can talk to the director, but there is some doubt as to whether that will make any difference. But, hey, would I mind taking video of Logan stimming and being aggressive and then email that video to case coordinator? Would I mind? WOULD I MIND?? Hmmm. Let me think about this. Uh. YEAH. I MIND!  I'm not going to let Logan be some kind of visual aid. Especially if he can't get what he needs from these people!

Oh, gosh. I am SO upset about all this. EI was so great until the OT quit in August. Now the whole thing is just one mess after another.

Tomorrow, the Friday before Christmas, I will be calling to harass the EI director.  Seriously, what timing.  But I refuse to let Logan slip through the cracks like this. OH! And when I cornered the case coordinator and said, hey~ Logan has been eligible for OT the whole time. He has missed out on FIVE MONTHS of this. So. Does he get an extension because this is was an EI problem? NOPE. Not even a one day extension. He's just going to be out of luck. Because "the state won't allow it".

I need suggestions. I need people that have been through this same thing. I need....I need my Logan back.


jillsmo said...

What are the specific sensory issues that you think are causing his regression? Is there any sensory work you can do yourself?

Mrs. Monster said...

Ugh...I am so sorry. I have been frustrated just being on a wait list, but we've been bumped to the top because of LM's severity. I have been very LOUD about how much help he needs though and I know that has helped...I felt like I was on the phone 24/7 for 2 straight weeks. But people finally listened.

I think you're right to "harass" the director -- no one will ever care about YOUR child as much as you it's your job to be his voice. Even if people think you're a B**** or need to push as much as you have to in order to get Logan that help.

And you're doing that. Because you're an awesome mom. :)

Sarah said...

(((hugs))) I can't say anything Mrs. Monster didn't say, only better than I could. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this. Can you get a lawyer? Sometimes that is all they need to hear to finally get into action. In the meantime, do you think you could do some OT with him yourself? I know it is hard. My son needs OT and I we have been waiting too. He finally starts January 6th.

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