Thursday, January 27, 2011

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The nightmare turned happy day

This is not a religious picture. This is a picture of a parent who, like me, has to fight and scream and pull hair and beg and threaten VERY BAD THINGS in order to get therapies for their child with my county's early intervention people. This is a picture of someone who also has the same case coordinator, who SAYS she's working on it and passing along messages, until you find out.....she doesn't. This is a picture of a parent on the brink of surrender.THIS is a parent who asked a friend to come over and babysit for an hour so they could go far, far away and scream with frustration, anger and disbelief. I would say this is a picture of me, only it really isn't... but it's darn close!

Since last fall we have been trying to get Logan's OT back. Our OT quit, and early intervention just never felt the urge to give us another one. And so, last week, I had had enough. ENOUGH! I sat this woman down, and laid it out. I made several good points, which I had carefully thought about, and made notes on, before she arrived.
  • If *I* were the one refusing services like early intervention is, *I* could be charged with child abuse, on grounds of medical neglect. It's a fact. I could go to jail if I were charged.
  • Messages regarding the lack of OT were never passed on. Not even once.
  • phone calls and emails to the director of early intervention had no results, and in fact, the director told me that I would have to apply for SSI for Logan before I could have OT for him through early intervention. Then another time, she told me I would have to get a referral to another agency and be evaluated by a pediatric neurologist before OT could be approved. Yet another time, she told me Logan needed a hearing test first, though he had already had one and it was in his file.
  • Early intervention told me I would have to complete yet another evaluation, given by INTERNS, to determine whether Logan really needed OT, because the belief was that  I  was just trying to get services that were not appropriate.
So, I sat our lovely case coordinator down last week and laid down the law. I told her if I did not have contact from their OT, or an outsourced OT by Friday, the 27th, I would file child abuse charges and hire an attorney. On Monday, oh wonder of wonders, I got a phone call from Krista. And guess what?!?! She's an OT. For early intervention. She will start with him in February

I am more than thrilled. I am ecstatic. But I still don't understand. Why did it have to go this far? Why? Months and months and months of begging and pleading and fighting and finally, the threat of an attorney? Months of tears, watching Logan regress, with a case coordinator crying alongside me, who then went back to her office and did nothing.


Jen said...

Oh yes, it is always, and will forever be, a fight. Our coordinator for EI pretty much fell of the face of the earth at one point. Dealing with the school hasn't been much better. We gotta do what we gotta do. Unfortunately, doing things like this is the only way to usually get attention. Mostly b/c a lot of parents probably take them at their word and give up. It sucks.

Sarah said...

(((hugs)))) I am SOOOOO happy for you. It should not come down to threats of violence, but if that's what it takes, then there you go. I am so proud of you for standing your ground and taking things to the logical conclusion when they weren't doing what they should. You're right, it is child abuse... neglect of the worst order. And I'm so rooting for you. But you knew that already. :)

RacersMommy said...

I'm so glad he's gonna be worked with again!! It sucks that it has to be like this, I wish that people who worked with children just did what needed to be done. In the long run screwing around and saving a buck isn't helping anyone and its defeating the purpose of their job to begin with.

Amy @ mommetime said...

grrrrrrr!...YOU go girl! It is so sad that you had to fight like that to get your son help.I understand I've had to do it with my daughter... Good for you taking a minute for yourself ~ sometimes we need to go out and have a good scream!

Maddy said...

That's often how it goes, certainly around here. I was always irritated by the squeaky wheel suggestion but, reality shows otherwise.

Michele said...

Keep up the good work! I work in preschool and I wish all parents would advocate for their child they way you are. Give em all you got!
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