Friday, January 14, 2011

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Please Sir, May I Have More? (repost)

I deleted this post. But when Bubbe found out I had removed it, she called me out on it and proceeded to rip me up one side and down the other until I put it back. So here it is, Bubbe. Blogger is not playing nice today and I have absolutely no idea why the caps are happening. It's embarrassing, and I can't figure out how to fix it, after an hour of trying. It's not that way when I go into the edit  or new post pages.



 I always feel like Oliver when I have to ask someone for something. That whole nervous walk up to the Big Man In Charge, full of fear of rejection, yet wanting what I'm about to ask for so badly that the wanting outweighs the fear. And yet I feel guilty asking for more, when I have so much already.

Twitter is, well,
a-twitter with tweets about BlogHer '11. BlogHer bling is making the rounds through the blogosphere and the twittersphere and every other "sphere" you can think of. And I. Wanna. Go!!! Insert petty, two year old type tantrum here. I am jealous, and I am cranky, every time I see another euphoric tweet about someone getting their ticket.

The ticket isn't the problem. Oh, no. That's the easiest part. It's getting the sponsors for the rest of it that I have the problem with. So I got to thinking: what types of things would I be a good representative for? I mean, really, if I can convince a company that I know what I'm talking about and would be a great representative, it would be that much easier to ask for sponsorship, right? Right!

So here's what I came up with:


Weebles. Remember weebles? Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down! Okay. I am a Weeble. With legs!  Totally qualified to be a representative of Weebles.Uh... who makes Weebles? Do they still make Weebles?

Hey, Kimberly-Clark! I order two cases of these things a month! Also, we raised your stock value when we bought the store out of Kleenex for two months in a row when we all had the Black Death. I am a loyal, LOYAL customer. How about a sponsorship?!

Whirlpool, I heart you. Without you, I wouldn't be able to scream about my laundry pile coming back again and again... because it would never leave. In the last two weeks, you have made it possible for me to wash and dry nearly 100 loads of laundry. In my lovely super capacity machines. Yes, really. Ask the Daddy.

You are indeed good to the last drop, and you make it possible for THIS momma to have perpetual 20 hour days taking care of 7 children.  Without you, I'd be face planted into the floor, snoring and drooling on the carpet while the monsters take video. Thank you for sparing me the indignity. And seriously, what better representative could there BE?!?

Trident gum people, you help my Logan with Occupational and Speech therapy. Your product helped my babiest baby learn to talk. We literally buy 16 packets of your gum a month. For a two year old. On the advice of his therapists. Now, really. If THAT isn't an awesome testimonial, I don't know what is!

All our pictures and video are taken with Kodak digital cameras and are processed through easyshare. We have four cameras. The Daddy even bought a Kodak for work! Pick ME to sponsor for BlogHer! I'll take TONS of pictures and video!! With the rechargeable batteries, and included charger, it's a snap! (Shameless little plug, there)

Finally, and most importantly, Dell. Because without this Dell, there would be no Living with Logan. Thank you, Dell for being reliable for me everyday while I play on twitter and facebook write and post incredibly important things on this blog about autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, gluten free diet, and food allergies. I heart y'all, too. And if you wanted to sponsor me, and temporarily provide me with a laptop "for review"  August 4-8, I can totally do that for you. But I would only make that kind of sacrifice for you.

The way I figure it, I could now copy the link to this post, and send it to all these companies, who would immediately fall in love with me and my loyalty to their brands, and offer me whatever I want. Right? That IS how it works, isn't it? What? Oh. It isn't. Well, um... then, please,sir... could you give me begging lessons?

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Daria @ Mom in Management said...

Lol - LOVE IT!

Bev's Urban Garden said...

This awesome. If I were any of these companies, I would pick you!

Andrea said...

LOL! Maybe Apple will give me a laptop and we can commit to doing a side-by-side comparison??? :)

Alison Shaffer said...

they better all shower you with love! nice post.
I think Playskool brought Webbels out again, they should be glad for the mention from you.

Karen said...

Very funny!! Hope you get all these sponsorships!! Now, wouldn't that be a coup?

Heather Jones said...

I so love how you wrote this. I hope you do get sponsored...I would love to go to blogher11, but can not financially afford it so I'm pretty much writing it the time I will be able to afford it I won't be a stay at home mother anymore and probably will have neglected my blog so much for anyone to sponsor me anyway....but I hope a few of these companies choose you!! :)

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

Heather Jones said...

P.S. newest follower by the way!

Caryn said...

Wow~ awesome comments here! It's funny, because the first time I posted it, I got crickets! I have decided that I need to get the wives of major corporate CEOs as my followers. THAT would take care of the sponsorship issue! ;)

And now... my replies to YOUR replies!
Daria, Thanks! Loved YOUR blog about THIS blog, too! Check it out, y'all!

Bev, If you were any of these companies, I would be your newest best friend.

Andrea, I'm up for it if you, Apple, and Dell are!

Allison, I'm told that Weebles were at BlogHer10. *sigh*. It appears this post was a year late. Dang it.

Karen, it would indeed. Love your name. I'm partial to it. ;)

Heather, thanks for the follow! And check out Trust me.

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