Sunday, January 30, 2011

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The photographer of this gorgeous sunrise was so moved by it, he stopped the truck he was driving just to take the picture. I don't know the photographer, or the location, but it's the closest to MY sunrise today that  I could find.

This morning, after a rude 530am awakening by #6, I couldn't get back to sleep. So I decided to work a little. Know what happens here at 7am? Sunrise. The most gorgeous sunrise ever, in shades of deep purple and fuschia. It brought to mind this quote:

"Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it."
L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables
Well, it's officially tomorrow, and I haven't made any mistakes yet.  I'm kind of liking that I haven't made any mistakes yet! No one is awake to holler for Mom, there are no new messes to clean up, no one is having a meltdown, and the only sound besides the tapping of keys I'm making is the occasional hiss of the coffee pot.  This is pretty groovy!

But... I'm still allergic to getting up early. I may have to get a shot after enjoying THIS one so much!

Today's question: When is YOUR quiet time? Mine is usually very, VERY late at night. It's when I can accomplish the most.

This is a picture of the tail end of MY sunrise... and it doesn't do it any justice, at all.
Pictures provided by photobucket..of course!!


Stepping On Cheerios said...

My quiet time usually comes around 8:30 at night after the boys are in bed and before Hubs is ready to sit down and watch a show with me.

I take that time to edit photos or take a hot bath. Ahhhh....I can almost imagine the quiet right now!

This side of Typical said...

My quiet time happens when the boy is off at school and the old man is off at work. Then i can get into my studio and sew away...

Daria @ Mom in management said...

I love sunrise. It is such an optimistic time of day and beautiful.. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the quote! I'm a morning person (yeah, I know). I get up every day at 5 a.m. so I can get in some bike time before the kid gets up. I love the smell of fresh morning air. I usually don't see the sunrise but I love both these serene.

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