Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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The update for Deeds, and other info

At the beginning of last night's #forDeeds twitter party, Deeds' momma posted this link. It is the most moving 8 seconds I have seen to date. This little one stole a piece of my heart before I EVER saw this video, and now, a bigger piece of me belongs to him. Was he signing "I love you" at the end? I like to think he was.

This morning, Deeds' momma tweeted that he woke up screaming with both eyes shut. I simply cannot begin to imagine. *deep breath* Here is her quick blog post today

Alright. For those of you that were unable to attend the twitter party, but would like to help, here are the things we discussed.
  1. Mondays are dedicated Deeds Days for bloggers. Those who wish to assist Deeds and his family by blogging to raise awareness and funding will blog about Deeds on Mondays until their fund raising goal has been met.
  2. We will make a button that can be posted on blogs, embedded with the direct link to the donation site for Deeds.
  3. We will promote the Dog 4 Deeds blog as well as the A Dog 4 Deeds facebook page when blogging or tweeting on Mondays
The blog button will be identical to the logo on Deeds' blog, like so:
Big, BIG thanks to Gina from Special Happens for the grab a button on our sidebar.

Want more info for your blog post? I can do that, too!! Here ya go, an article from the Utah Daily Herald  

Please remember to paste your link in the comment section here, and in the comment section on Deeds' website. We WILL promote the heck out of them. Thanks, over and over again

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LuvMyCrzyLife said...

I just posted about Deeds on my blog. Wanted to come share the link here like you asked. http://luvmycrzylife.blogspot.com/2011/01/dog-for-deeds-autism-service-dog-for.html Still praying for this beautiful little boy!

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