Monday, January 10, 2011

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As I sit here and type, I'm listening to my twinnie monsterlettes and notorious #5 laugh hysterically. They are in my kitchen, #6 is completely naked ( potty training, y'all!) , sitting on the floor watching #5 spin a pizza pan on it's rim like a penny. It spins and twirls and finally slows down,  spinning slower and slower and making the most satisfying clatter as it finally drops flat.

They laugh and laugh and laugh until they can't sit up straight anymore. They lay on their bellies, gasping and giggling and I wonder, "Why did we spend so much money on all those learning toys at Christmas???" Their eyes are bright and full of wonder at this simple pleasure. Their cheeks are rosy and the smiles... oh the smiles. They are in awe of this new thing they have discovered.

#5 has stayed home from school today, after a rough night involving nausea and other yucky related things, and he is getting tired. He no longer wants to perform for the twinnies, and begs to be able to lay down. So I tuck him in on the couch with some Spongebob cartoons, and realize there is silence.

In the Monster House, silence is never good. In the 12.3 seconds it has taken me to tuck in notorious #5, the twinnie monsterlettes have taken off to find a new adventure.  And I am scared. I am full of dread, wondering if this new adventure they are discovering has anything to do with toilet water, unscrewing the caps of shampoo, squirting hair mousse/ shaving cream all over heck, or coloring on the walls. .

I find them in my closet, trying to walk around in  my high heels ( I love love LOVE shoes) and fuzzy slippers. When they realize they have been discovered, the monsterlettes take off at a dead run, jabbering away to each other in "twin speak", leaving me shaking my head and smiling as I close the door to the master suite. These babies of mine are growing up fast and it's all I can do to keep up with them!

By the time I get to the family room, they have found yet another adventure, with yet another favorite toy. No, it's not the piano, magnetic puzzles, easel, remote control cars, rubber bugs and lizards, or hot wheels. It's not the wooden tool box and tools, or the sensory table .It's not the water filled glitter balls, chalkboard, coloring books, or the playdough.

We could have saved a LOT of money at Christmas this year.


Bubbe said...

Oh, so very frustrating! And normal!

Ashley said...

Awww...I love it. There's no better sound in all the world than of your babies laughing. Especially when they're laughing together.

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