Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Bubbe come back.....

Bubbe come back
any kind of fool can see
I was wrong
and I just can't live without you.........

Bubbe? Bubbe? BUBBE!!! Come back! I miss you! I know you love going to visit Big Daddy and SRMM but I MISS you! And we need you here! Look! Lots of people visit. We need you, your arthritic fingers, your fake teeth, your tendency to call everyone Bubbeleh.

We need your extensive knowledge of GFCFSFEFCF diets. Your humor. Your wisdom. The essence of your Bubbe-ness.Your recommendations, your good sense, and your blog posts.

Scroll down. I betcha that there are a LOT of people ( don't let me down, here, Monster House addicts. Lying is a sin, you know) that miss you besides me. We love you! You can't cut us off this way! Logan needs you. That's right, I'm not above using my child if it means Bubbe will come back. 

You are our very own celebrity! Oh! OH! Wanna tiara? I can do that!  
Wanna velvet throne? 
A super hero cape? 

Chocolate hearts? 

 You can have whatever you want... just... come baaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkk!
Lest I forget, all pics by photobucket, of course! And no, that is NOT really Bubbe in the cape.


Daria said...

Come back Bubbe!

Big Daddy Autism said...

Please, please, please tell me that is not Bubbe in the cake! Btw, you can't have her back.

Unknown said...

Bubbe left? This is what happens when people become famous. They dump you and start hanging out with Elton John.

lydiaemily said...

come back!

mckellipgirl said...

What'd you do to make her leave?

Don't leeeeeeeeeeave us Bubbe!

Gina @ Special Happens said...

(Pssst....pssssstttt....hey...Bubbe....if you want a place to crash for a minute, come on over my way...I'll hang out with you...and the chocolate heart I give you will look much, much more appetizing...but don't tell FrazzledMomma I said this....)

RacersMommy said...

I cud use a guest!!! But first she should come home to you...of course

BUT I have a page for guests now so she should totally come visit when she comes back to you.

Bubbe said...

Oh, I do so love a fuss being made over me!
My teeth are real, bubbelehs... well, most of them!
BD, there enough of me to go around, so calm your "Asburger" down.
Elton John, though a darling feygeleh, is currently all goo-goo, gah-gah, can't speak a rational sentence, let alone sing a show tune, so I'm leaving him to his parenthood.
mckellemmy, I didn't leave, bubbelehs. I was just resting my eyes.
Gina, you got me at chocolate heart!
RM, I do love being a guest. Do you have comfy pillows and crocheted throws?
Frazzledmomma, I chocolate-heart you! BTW, that's my sister, the superhero, not me. You've got to label your photos clearly. Oh, and I love the tiara. I'm so glad I still have all my hair, not like my poor friend, Ann. She'd look silly with the tiara. I don't know why she bothers coloring her hair that red -- there's so little of it left.
Okay, Bubbe read something today that I'm eager to share with you, so I'll be here tomorrow (or whenever da momma has room for my little nudge of a post).

Big Daddy Autism said...

I meant CAPE, not cake. Sorry Bubbe.

Bubbe said...

It's okay, dahling. I just figured you saw that picture of me from my youth. It was a great party!

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