Friday, February 11, 2011

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Like Christmas Morning!

Today is the day!! Today we get to have Occupational Therapy for Logan for the first time in MONTHS! Oh, I am so excited! Krista will be here at 230pm to work with him. I cannot tell you the relief I feel. Just can not.

Also? I can't think of anything to write because I am so in the zone of thinking of things to interrogate the OT about. Any suggestions? Because I really should have started taking notes for questions last Monday, but you know... life got in the way. She mentioned joint compression. I've never done it. Anyone have experiences with this they would like to share?
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Unknown said...

I did brushing and joint compression with both of my boys. My oldest loved it and my youngest was very resistant at first. Sometimes he enjoys it and sometimes not but it did help them both. It is worth a shot. It does seem to be calming for them. My son does better with very deep pressure activities.

Jen said...

Katie responds best to deep pressure, too. She will be probably, hopefully tell you things he needs to work on and what to do at home. The biggest part is what you do at home, since the one time a week she comes isn't going to do much. All about her teaching you.

wondersndreams said...

we did brushing and joint compression with my son, but it didn't help him, it seemed to make him more over-stimulated. We do deep pressure and hard hugs etc instead.

Unknown said...

my sweetie LOVES her trampoline, she gave us good eye contact for the first time ever when she began jumping and i guess in a way that could be considered deep pressure?;) also we LOVE the cuddle swing its soo calming, its hanging from the ceiling in our living room and she swings while it hugs her LOL (side note: I do Qigong Massage with her too that is awesome for these sweet little ones: Blessings to the little guy :-)

Jen said...

Hope it went well!!!

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