Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Sacred Family Saturday

It's that time again! 
Sacred Family Saturday
What will YOUR day be like?

Grocery shopping?
Getting ready for family to come over?

 Just general business?

all pictures in this post by photobucket, of course!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the follows! Being a mom of 6, I'm always glad to see another mom of a large family. #5 son has Asperger syndrome.

Hope all goes well for you this weekend.

Caryn said...

I'm always thrilled when another mother with a large family finds me! I look forward to getting to know you better.

I love your avatar. Greg Olson is phenomenal. Have you seen the art by Jean Keaton? I love the series of Christ in various poses with children. "Snuggling Infant" is one of my all time favorites. Here's a link:

Gina @ Special Happens said...

Well, we've taken a long walk, rode a bike, climbed a tree. Now it's lunch break...not sure about heading outside again...seems we've gotten your wind.

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