Friday, February 18, 2011

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These are a few of my favorite things.....

During the last several weeks I have been sending out letters asking for the opportunity to be sponsored by some of the wonderful companies the Monster House depends on. There has been no response. None. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Isn't that awful? And so, I am forced to put all the Monster House addicts through yet another shameless begging post, in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will be my fairy blog mother and sponsor me so I can go to BlogHer'11.

Why do I want to go to BlogHer so very very badly? Here's a couple reasons.
  • At the end of June, Logan will no longer qualify for therapy services through early intervention. At that point, I will be responsible for paying for any therapy her receives. Finances are tight. Very, very tight. I want to go to BlogHer and learn from other bloggers and companies, so I can make this blog work for me and therefore provide the means to pay for therapy. Yes, I could have a "shop" or a donation site on the blog. However, I'm of the impression that I need to be a little more business savvy than that. 
  • Selfishness. I don't get out much. What? At least I'm honest! 
  • I truly believe that I could learn more about blogging in the two days of BlogHer than I could by taking a couple semesters of college classes, as the Daddy suggested. And seriously? It's cheaper, too.
And now, for the  shameless begging portion of our program! Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and do not stand until the ride has come to a complete stop.

 How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Baby grand piano, cutting foods, magnetic fishing and tow truck puzzles, stuffed giant turtle, wooden tool box, triangle crayons, dry erase markers.. oh, the BEST dry erase markers on the face of the planet. They wipe right off painted, orange peel walls~ even if the dry erase toddler art has been there overnight. I would heart you forever, even if all I knew about you was your markers! But you are SO much more than that! If I went to BlogHer sponsored by Melissa and Doug, even in part, it would a dream come true.

Benadryl, you have literally saved Logan's life on more than one occasion. That being said, the Monster House will never, EVER have only one bottle of liquid in the house. We always have at least two. Thank you.There are no words for what you mean to our family, and a sponsorship would be both a privilege and an honor.

Because as much as I love my children, the hours and hours of meltdowns do, in fact, take their toll on the Momma. I know, I know. It boggles the mind that the Momma is not invincible. But with Tylenol, I can make the monsters think I am. Muwahahahahahaha!


I have gotten a lot of grief about this. But, I don't care. Disney peeps, you make it so my Logan will relax and sleep. And also? The monsters have discovered they like to "clean the nursery", because that way you see, none of their friends realize what they're REALLY doing is watching Beauty and the Beast or The Aristocats.I have had "Disney Babies" for the last 16 years. We're loyal. Pick me!!

Logan has extreme eczema. We know this is related to his food allergies, and we are vigilant with his diet. Occasionally, he will get into something he shouldn't have, or we will try something new that we THOUGHT was safe, and wound up having something hidden in it that Logan is allergic to. Aveeno is the only lotion we can buy that works. We love their oatmeal lotions, because they help him heal so quickly, and they don't sting like others do.I could literally talk about Aveeno for days.
Beside the fact that channel 169 is perpetual Nick Jr., and sadly, I know exactly what time Gullah Gullah Island comes on in the middle of the night because #5 has yet to sleep through the night, I love love LOVE that I can get Sirius radio on my TV. Siriusly. ;) We at the Monster House are nerds. We like to take all the cushions off the three couches and make a "disco floor". We first started doing that to help Logan learn to balance and walk on different, uneven surfaces. Now it's evolved into a Friday afternoon tradition.  Really REALLY bad disco music, and a "disco floor". Every Friday afternoon. But that's OK, know why? Because now Logan can balance, and he's actually learning to jump from one level to another. LEARNING TO JUMP! I can't stand it, it's so many buckets of awesome.

And also? You've saved the Daddy's life on more than one occasion when I was less than pleased with him. He can always find an old western or a game to keep him out of my hair.

Nutella people ( actually, you are the Ferrero Rocher people. I've done the research!) You are the monsters' most favoritest treat. Ever. My #4 took rice cakes and jars of Nutella to school instead of store bought cupcakes for her birthday treat. She's 11.  It's embarrassing to admit that we use 4 large jars of the stuff. A month.On rice cakes. This is because it's the Logan version of a candy bar. And it tastes. so. good.

Okay. This concludes the shameless begging portion of our program. After this... I'm out of ideas, people! Any suggestions for people I should follow on twitter or facebook, or people to email that might help me with this sponsorship issue? Want to help me get sponsored? Email me at frazzledmomma at livingwithlogan dot com for more information.
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Gina @ Special Happens said...

Love it! Come on her the money! LOL.

jillsmo said...

Is there anything any of us can do to help?

Mom for Less said...

Work it girl! Praying someone comes through for you. Based on our Twitter discussions, perhaps you should also solicit Ben and Jerry's or the Oreo people (Nabisco, I think).

LindsayDianne said...

I hate that nutella uses peanut oil.... Or at least it did last I checked.
You're not alone in being rejected by everyone you pitch!

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