Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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And the winners are....

Congratulations Pictures, Images and Photos

The winners of The Animated Woman t-shirt and 2 DVD link up #forDeeds are:
animations provided by Photobucket, or course!

In case you didn't catch it, here they are again, in print:
DVD - Many Hats Mommy - Blog
DVD - McKellipgirl - Donation
Shirt - Dysfunctional Supermom - Blog


The Animated Woman said...

I watched the video with my 11 year old son - it was his idea to draw Deeds with his Sock Monkey hugging the dog - and we both agree that Deeds did an excellent job of selecting the winners.

Congrats! My gratitude to everyone who participated and posted the image on their blogs. A great big hug to Caryn, very well done putting this whole thing together.

Best wishes,


Dysfunctional Supermom said...

Wow. I'm crying. Thanks guys. xox

Anonymous said...


Deanna said...

Thank you so much Deeds! It was all for you! You did a fantastic job picking winners by the way. My son has watched the video 4 times and loves it!

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

He watched the video about 7 times before bed and drew names all night after that. Wouldn't let me toss the rest so I want you all to know that in Deeds eyes you are ALL WINNERS.

Thank you all so much. JC and Caryn we couldn't have done it without you!

Many Hats Mommy said...

What a sweetheart--we love you, Deeds! My boys will love their video. Thank you very much. I did not expect to win. I simply want to help you get your dog buddy! :)

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