Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Doughnuts #forDeeds!

Everybody knows that the frazzledmomma's been raising awareness and -- more importantly -- funds for Deeds to get his service dog. And we've heard about the Krispy Kreme doughnut card that's part of this fundraising effort.

Here's the math on it: A card costs $12, half of which goes directly to Deeds' dog fund. A dozen glazed doughnuts costs $6.99. Each card is good for TEN free dozens -- 120 free glazed doughnuts! So that's $69.90 saved with each card minus $12 for the card itself, for an overall savings of $57.90. And these aren't just any doughnuts; they're the best, freshest doughnuts around!

Bubbe's not sure if you have considered how easy these little cards can make your life (and the lives of those around you).

So over the next few weeks, I'm going to suggest ways that having this Krispy Kreme card can help YOU, as well as help Deeds!

Let's start with the GF/CF issue that so many Living with Logan readers contend with. So many of you have to be very cautious not to allow cross-contamination into your home, so you don't bring gluten/casein-filled goodies into the house. However, you also have children who are NOT on the GF/CF diet.

How do you balance this? Here are two ways that can help. And if you aren't GF/CF in your house, read on anyway -- these can still save you time and aggro anyway!

Step 1. Prepare your cake toppers. You can go to sites like this, or this to buy creative or simple letter candles. Or go to Oriental Trading Company and buy letter pretzels. Or check out Martha's simple instructions for making letter candles. Or pop into your local craft store for Fimo clay  to make heat-resistant toppers.

Ideas for your cake toppers? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUBBELEH or perhaps for your budding rock star, BUBBELEH, YOU ROCK with a guitar or music note. Or use a small star cookie cutter to make candles or Fimo toppers that let your child know she's the star of the day!

Step 2. Buy your disposable tray, big enough to hold a display of a few dozen doughnuts. Dollar shops are great for these.

Step 3. On your child's birthday, on the way in to school, stop off at your local Krispy Kreme store and buy 2 dozen doughnuts -- but only pay for 1. Or splurge and buy enough for the staff room, too -- buy 4 dozen but only pay for 2!

Borrow the school's staff room (the surely won't mind, especially if you splurged on enough to leave behind for the staff!) to arrange the doughnuts on the tray into a delicious mountain of joy! Stick in your cake toppers and carefully carry to your child's classroom for a delightfully easy birthday "cake".

Just Because days

Even just regular days can be made extra fun with a doughnut! Try this trick:
Step 1. If you don't already have it, buy two freezer-safe storage containers the size of a shoebox. You can probably find these at your local dollar shop.

Step 2. Buy a box of sandwich-sized zip-bags.

Step 3. Grab the above items and pop over to your local Krispy Kreme store and buy 2 dozen glazed doughnuts -- but pay only for 1! While in the store, repackage each doughnut into its own freezer bag. Place the bagged donuts into the plastic containers. You now have contained the gluten and casein and can wipe down the box with a damp cloth if you're concerned there may be some crumbs clinging to it. Go home and stick the boxes of doughnuts into the back of your freezer.

Whenever you feel it's a "Just Because" day, grab a bag from the freezer and add the frozen confection to your child's lunchbag. It'll be defrosted by the time he's ready to eat it!

Besides allowing you to make the doughnuts last, freezing them has the added benefit of minimizing and containing the smell of them, so even the child who can smell gluten or casein a mile away is unlikely to notice the smell of these once contained in the bag-in-box and frozen!

Hope you liked these suggestions, bubbelehs! Don't forget to order your Krispy Kreme cards HERE .

Bubbe's next Krispy Kreme post will be about who you should tell about these cards and why!


Karen V. said...

These are such great ideas! I'm hungry!! Why must Krispy Kreme be 100 miles from me? Do they deliver?

Bubbe said...

Organize your next vacation to be near a Krispy Kreme. Or make a trip to Krispy Kreme the vacation! Do they all still have the doughnut-making process visible for all to see? I know my "local" does.

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