Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Proclamation from the Momma!

I've missed my keyboard, my blog, my comments, my adoring fans... okay, I made that last one up. But I've missed it! I have this big old void where my creativity used to be. It's been a really wild, crazy, bizarre, EXPENSIVE couple of weeks, and I know the blog has suffered. I'm working on it. Really, I am!

So, while you're suffering from Monster House Addiction withdrawals, what you should do is. order Big Daddy's book and read it. By the time you stop laughing, and having admiration for BD, I'll be back up and running. Take a look at the top of the side bar over there --> and click on the book. It'll take you right to the ordering site. 

I'll see you VERY soon (tomorrow works for me... how about you?), don't forget about me! I have all kinds of monster stories, drama, stress, and other fun stuff to share with ya.

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RacersMommy said...

We could never forget about you!!!

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