Friday, April 22, 2011

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Sacred Family Saturday!

Today is the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the monsters in our town. Will y'all be taking your monsters out to hunt eggs today, or dye them at home, or do other fun Easter related things?
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Rhiannon Fieri said...

Well, originally Ash was going to have a play-date at a semi-local outdoor Easter Egg hunt this Saturday. Now he's sick and it's going to be raining and daddy has to be at work, though. :-P As daddy also has to be at work, now, on Sunday -- which is both Easter and Ash's 6th birthday -- WAH! -- I might try hiding some plastic eggs around the living room for him, for then. I don't have anything good to put in them, though.

Jenny said...

Today is our break day. Yesterday was coloring eggs with Nana. Tomorrow is a mini Easter cantata at church and family dinner afterward.

I still think stunt doubles for the holidays could be a lucrative business!

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