Monday, April 11, 2011

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Sock Monkey #forDeeds

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As you know, Deeds loves his sock monkey. So, I thought it might be fun to let sock monkey be a special guest on Living with Logan,  helping us today by "crackin the whip" and motivating all of us to get that last bit of funding needed. 

Last week, the Mauss family was $2557 from their goal of $6000. This week, they are only $2362 away! As wonderful as that is, that last bit is proving to be the hardest to raise yet. Remember, the family has already had to raise $13,000 for the service dog, and this $6000 is for Deeds' custodial fund, to be used for travel to Ohio to get the dog, to pay for a hotel for two weeks while they are going through training, and for gas, food, and other expenses while they are there. If they exceed that $6000, the excess will be used for Deeds' ongoing medical expenses. And people? Burn unit? REALLY expensive.

Last week I told y'all that the well had run dry for ideas to raise money for Deeds. Bobbie and Jeremy and I had used all the ideas up. Did you think of anything that might be helpful in raising funds? Did you blog, tweet, or post to facebook about Deeds?  The more that know about Deeds and his quest for an Autism Service Dog, the better. 

Want to help, and need more info? Visit Dog 4 Deeds official website, A Dog 4 Deeds on facebook, follow  @dog4deeds on twitter, or email 
Sock monkey animation by photobucket, of course!!

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