Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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What're ya gonna do....

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Missing the regular blog post? There isn't one here, because I'm promoting my "twinterview" over on Mom For Less. Click on over people, and share some monster house love!

Also.. wondering what this cartoon is all about? Real life, people. Yeah. That really happened. Never drive through a stream in a minivan. Bad, BAD idea, no matter HOW bad your toddler's meltdown is.


Danica said...

I might have done the same thing. OUCH!! Because we all know when a meltdown is in progress we will do just about anything to make it just go away.
***hugs*** Hope it dosn't cost to much :(

Bubbe said...

The cartoon is some great lemonade you made out of those lemons!! Such a good girl, such a balabusta!

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