Monday, May 2, 2011

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Belated post #forDeeds

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Greetings, addicts! I am embarrassed to be posting late for Deeds. I have excuses, and they are good ones, but... I won't offer any. Instead, let's get right down to business. The latest and greatest in fund raising efforts for Deeds is an original art auction on eBay, which can be found by clicking HERE . The bids are still ridiculously low for these original paintings, and by bidding on them, you are helping the Mauss family get ever closer to their goal for expenses related to travel, lodging, and food while they are in Ohio for their autism dog training. New to this story? You can visit the official Dog 4 Deeds website, find @dog4deeds on twitter, and browse the A Dog 4 Deeds page on facebook. Want to know more about the organization they are getting their service dog from? Visit 4 Paws for Ability HERE.

Please do your part to help the Mauss family by donating, blogging, tweeting and using the #forDeeds hashtag, and/or by posting to your facebook wall. This is such a worthy cause, to get an autism service dog for little Deeds, who is a runner and does not answer to his name. This dog will also be trained to alert the family to impending seizures for Deeds, a phenomenal thing that never, ever fails to amaze me. The family has already raised the $13,000 necessary for the dog, and they have raised just over $4,000 of the $6,000 they needed for flights, lodging, food, and other expenses during their two week stay in Ohio. There is so little left, let's help them get to their goal. It only takes a few seconds to tweet, and not much longer than that to post to facebook. Leave messages of encouragement on their facebook wall, mention them in a tweet, just take the time to say " Have a good day". It's so little, and means so much.
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