Friday, May 6, 2011

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Night and Day

Dear Monsterlettes, whom I love extremely:
Here is a little lesson, with pictures, because you can't read yet.

This is night.

night sky Pictures, Images and Photos

It's dark, and there are no people out playing around or laughing or singing silly songs. They are all in bed. Sleeping. Like good little monsters. There are stars. 

This is day
Notice how it is much brighter out, and you can see colors and clouds and trees? Okay. When you can see colors and clouds and trees? It's okay to laugh and play and sing silly songs. Preferably after 9am. Monsters are permitted to engage in all manner of silliness and loud banshee shrieks during the day.

What? What's that you say? You two are only almost three,  hardly more than babies, and this is making no sense at all to you? Oh. Right. Okay. Let's try this then.



Okay. Make sense now? Good. Let's remember this at say, 730 tonight, instead of midnight or later. Thanks.

Much love and kisses,
The Momma
pictures and collages by photobucket, of course!


Brian@bothsidesofthecoin said...

We got the same thing. I'm stealing this, same situation, same age approximately. I get way too mad about this. Very therapeutic.

Jenny said...

So cute! :)

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