Friday, June 10, 2011

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Follow Friday?!?!

I can't help it. Every time I see Follow Friday or #FF on twitter, I think of Fred MacMurray and a bunch of scouts.
May I just say at this point, no. I am NOT showing my age here. That movie was long before my time. However, the Daddy and I love black and white movies. I have since I was a lil squirt. 

ANYWAY, because I think of Fred MacMurray and a bunch of scouts on Follow Friday, I have this list of... criteria.. if you will, for those that I recommend on #FF. I know that there are those that spend hours listing every single person THEY follow on twitter. I don't. If I can't give a reason to follow someone, I don't list them. Is that horribly rude of me? Have I caused hurt feelings by being in this frame of mind? I would hope the answer to both is no. 

I still can't understand why people follow ME.. because as we all know, I'm this side of insanity most of the time. I feel the need to warn people. Here is a  PSA: 

Yeah.. we ain't the von Trapp version of seven monsters.

Okay. I've done my duty. With that out of the way, let's move on to..... Monster House Follow Friday!

She has no filter. I like this.

She knows what REAL messes are, and gave me a new excuse for not vacuuming.

She was horrified when I said I wanted to be like @LittleAnimation when I grow up(not because I would be like her, but because I would be growing up). I assured her I would not be growing up any time soon. Crisis averted.

Because she called #6 beautiful. People that do this MUST be followed

The woman's guest post here is STILL #1 in most viewed posts. I am in awe.

Because he is STILL talking about jellobarf

The kindest, most generous, most amazing woman I have EVER met. We have a very close relationship.

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