Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Lane Bryant, I'm calling YOU out!

As everyone knows, I'll be attending BlogHer in San Diego next week (I STILL can't believe it, so I say it every chance I get!). Now, because I will be interacting with many people who do not have 7 monsters, and who have more in their wardrobe than cut off sweats and ratty t-shirts, the Daddy and I decided it would be a good time to add some grown up articles of clothing to my "collection". And by collection, I mean the rags I usually wear every day.

You can imagine my delight when I looked online (let's be realistic, people. BlogHer will be the first time in three years I'll be getting out of the house for more than 6 hours without children) and saw that Lane Bryant was having an online sale; 40% off a $100 purchase, or 50% off a $200 purchase.  Why was I delighted? I'm the first to admit I'm not Victoria's Secret model material. Let's leave it at that. Back to the story.

After selecting several things, to a total of nearly $300, getting the discount, and adding the expedited 3 day shipping, we had only spent $150. SCORE, right? WRONG. One nanosecond after entering our credit card information, the funds were out of our account. To be honest, I expected that. But check out  my order confirmation email. I've highlighted the part that pisses me off.: 

Thank you for shopping at !

We've received your order and are working to get it to you!

If you ordered merchandise from any of our retail partners, you may receive your order in multiple shipments.

We'll send you an e-mail each time we ship an item to you. Your credit card is only charged when an item ships.

Order #: 19582057
Order Date: Jul 25 2011

But that's not all! Check out my tweet, and @lanebryant response from yesterday.. which, by the way, was July 27, 2011

Caryn Haluska
Dear  I ordered online monday. You still have not shipped anything. Why?

 Please contact customer service at : 866.886.4731 Thank you

Turns out,  they had put an "address hold" on my order on Tuesday,  which makes no sense, as they called for address confirmation at the crack of dawn tuesday morning. THEN they put an accounting hold on my order.  An ACCOUNTING HOLD for what purpose? We used a Visa debit. Payment was immediate. Lane Bryant, I would be HAPPY to fax you a copy of my bank statement, which shows you were paid DAYS before you shipped. 

Now. I am a bit stressed. Here's why. I paid for 3 day shipping, knowing I was ordering  REALLY close to my departure date of 8/4.  I now have 4 business days ( 4 shipping days) left until I depart.They shipped it out LAST NIGHT. And "guaranteed" that it would all be here Monday. 

Bottom line? GREAT sale.  Decent prices. CRAPPY customer service, lacking any form of apology for completely screwing up my order, no offers to bump my shipping to 2 day because of their multiple errors.  Not even an offer of a coupon for my next order. Lane Bryant, YOU SUCK! All I have to say is, that order contains ALL my daytime clothes for BlogHer. I will be livid if I have to run out next week and buy clothes for BlogHer, with a now very limited budget. This IS NOT PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR on your part. And I will tell EVERYONE I meet how ridiculous this experience was. 

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