Monday, July 18, 2011

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The Oops Seat

Today, I am starting a lovely new partnership with Lisa from The oopseat! And I am so very excited.  Lisa contacted me, wondering if I'd be interested in letting her company partner with The Momma  Project by allowing her to donate 20% of her proceeds between now and August 1. Of COURSE I said I'd love it, and edited the chip in widget accordingly! Let me tell you all about it.

The oopseat is a company started by the mother of a son with autism. She noticed a problem that many of us have at meal times, craft times, therapy play, and any other time our children sit on one of our lovely upholstered kitchen chairs.  Soon, these chairs aren't so lovely anymore, covered in stains from craft paints, play doh, juice, jello, Popsicles, etc. I know at the monster house, it's not uncommon for THIS momma to run around shrieking, "Why? Why can't I EVER have anything NICE?"

Enter The oopseat... a nifty little chair cover, offering salvation to mothers everywhere. Not only is this seat cover convenient at home, but also when traveling, at restaurants, at grama and grandad's house... the uses for the oops seat are limitless.  The oopseat easily wipes off and is waterproof. It is durable. Added bonus.. if you have a monster like mine that absolutely needs routine, this is perfect! Your little monster will always know where his/her place is at any table, because of the familiarity of the seat cover.

Theoopseat comes in square or rounded shapes, to fit virtually any kitchen chair, and in a variety of fabric choices.  With every seat cover purchase between now and August 1,2011, The oopseat will donate $10 to The Momma Project, benefiting the HollyRod Foundation and 4 Paws for Ability. But wait! It gets better! The first 3 people to order The Oops Seat will receive a place mat as well, a value of $11.99.

Need more convincing?  Imagine how much more hygienic this seat cover will be, as opposed to your kitchen chairs with the crevices between slats, that you can't ever quite get to.  The oopseat can easily be cleaned after each use with a kitchen wipe, or spray cleaner and a paper towel.

I LOVE the oopseat! Let me know what YOU think!

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