Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Snap, Crackle, Pop!

We've had some excitement at the Monster House. I'm just a tad bit wounded, you see, and it will take a little while to recover. Nothing serious, or life threatening. I sloshed boiling oil over the sides of a pot when I was transferring it from stove top to oven to let it cool. I'm anal about boiling oil. No monsters allowed in the kitchen when I cook with it, and everyone in the house has to freeze when I move it. For this very reason. So, I have some really awesome blisters and redness, and my hands are stiff. I'm doing the two finger hunt and peck method of typing, and it's making me insane.
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So, to keep my mind off the snap, crackle, pop sounds my skin made, I have announcements! Announcement the first: The Momma Project is still open and running until the 27th. All funds in excess of one thousand dollars will be donated to charity, since we hit our goal! To date, as shown on the widget at the top right of the blog, we have raised $65 for HollyRod and 4 Paws! Keep up the good work, y'all!

Announcement the second: We have an awesome opportunity to partner up with a fledgling company, who will donate a portion of their proceeds to The Momma Project while it runs! More on that Monday.

Announcement the third: For those of you not going to BlogHer, tell me what you want to learn the most. Do you want to know how to market your blog? Do product reviews? Do a better job at targeting a specific audience? How to approach a brand? How to design your blog for success? How to be more of a resource with your blog?  By giving me your input, it will help me to know what my readers want to know. After all.. my followers sent me to BlogHer, and I want to be able to bring back the knowledge y'all seek. I'm YOUR ambassador. How cool is THAT?!? I haven't heard, thus far, of anyone else who's followers sent them. Y'all have made me unique, and I have the utmost respect for that. I won't let you down!

Announcement the fourth: People, I'm scared to death! Would ya PLEASE tell me which of you all ARE going to BlogHer so I won't be the only one there that knows no one and sits in the corner sucking her thumb and crying for her mommy?

Announcement the fifth: Kat from over at Kat's Cafe has the incredible oppportunity to get an iPad for her Minis from Apps for Children with Special Needs for the incredible price of $200. We won't go in to why this would be an impossible strain for her family. Let's just move on to the fact that we all know that miracles can happen. I saw it myself when my followers raised the money for me to go to BlogHer in ten short days. So. For the Minis... I donated. Will you? She has nine days, and only needs  $155. Please tweet it up and link to her site and make sure to mention her in your tweet (@moody_mommy). It's good karma, and she worked hard to make sure I went to BlogHer. Now it's HER turn.

Oh, yikes. Finger cramps. MEDIC!!!

Until tomorrow, my addicts!
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