Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Happy Homemaker Land

Greetings from Happy Homemaker Land! Taking a little break from bottling stuff, because you know, harvest time for the very Logan safe organic garden and all that. Since last night, I have bottled green beans with ham, sauerkraut, kosher dill spears, and dill sandwich stackers (so THERE, Vlasic!). I'm living the Laura Ingalls Wilder dream.

So, while I'm waiting for the last few jars to finish their nice little boiling water bath, let me update y'all. Dave,Rick, Adam, Lee Ann, Patty, Nikki, and Debra, if you have not received an email, phone call or message, this is what you should know:

We've taken care of the shots the twinnies were lacking in order to go to school, and 15 pounds of paperwork for the twinnies regarding allergies and medications, etc. is right now sitting on the pediatrician's desk waiting for his scrawl and big important medical-type initials on the dotted line. The problem, however, is that even though we were in his office Friday, he hasn't signed off yet, AND he's not in the office today. The earliest the district nurse (that's YOU, Debra!) will get a fax is tomorrow. What can ya do, right? Anyway, know that we're doing the best we can (I've been harrassing the doctor's office since yesterday) and we're shooting for having them in class next week. Cross fingers, eyes, and toes.

In other monster news, another lovely IEP meeting at the high school for me this afternoon. Yippee-kie-ay. This is not going to go well, because I know (even though the resource teacher doesn't know this yet) that I will have to break my monster's heart after this meeting unless there is some kind of divine intervention on this kid's behalf. More on this later.

Okay, y'all. Must go! Pickles to process, twinnies to chase. Have a good day!
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