Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Please hold...

Upon occasion, I have to do things that I hate even more than IEP meetings. We've all done it, we've all hated it. We all put it off until we can't put it off any longer.We all dread it. We all know that this will be a total and complete time suck. Calling state/government agencies. Listening to the William Tell Overture on continuous loop, which I am sure is the product of someone reading somewhere that classical music is soothing. I admit, classical music is soothing~ when it's not on continuous loop for a government agency where the average wait time at 9am is 46 minutes. You might want to rethink your music selection. Perhaps Weird Al's  "Traffic Jam" might be more appropriate.

Thankfully, only an hour and a half of my life has been spent in this way, and I have accomplished a lot! Guess what, y'all! Logan and #6 are going to school starting this Thursday! Yay! This calls for a happy dance of epic proportions.

And now.. the information y'all have been waiting for. The new addition to our family. Everyone, allow me to introduce you to Mighty M. She's the Daddy's daughter from a previous marriage... not an infant, requires NO diaper changes, sippy cups, or burping, and the Monster House is proud and happy to welcome this 21 year old to our ranks. Everyone show Mighty M some love... we sure are thrilled to have her with us. I'd apologize for all the "It's a Girl" stuff, but it was just too dang fun to be sorry for.

Fun things happening this week on the blog. I'm all kinds of re-focused now, after welcoming Mighty M, riding the waves of evil stomach flu with  #6 yesterday, and sitting on hold this morning. Can't wait to get back to working on the blog.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
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