Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Celebrate the Simple Things

The Monster House has a tradition of Sacred Family Saturday. Each week, we use this day to do things as a family, and reconnect with one another. The Daddy and I feel it's crucial to do this, so that we are not completely saturated in all things text, web, cell phone, and satellite while at the same time, being oblivious to those around us. While we don't necessarily completely unplug every week (because the Daddy really likes being employed), we make every effort to keep calls, emails, texts, and computer time to a bare minimum. I don't email, blog, tweet, or post to facebook, the monsters don't play online,  and the Daddy only uses his phone and computer for necessary work related things.

Hallmark thinks family time is important too, and is sharing a BlogOut challenge with bloggers as part of Life Is A Special Occasion. The challenge is to completely unplug for a day to celebrate the simple things by spending quality time with your families.

We at the Monster House know how fast little monsters grow up, and how easy it is to get caught up in the stresses life has to offer, rather than the celebration. So.. I'm passing on the challenge to y'all. Participate in the BlogOut. The Holidays are coming quickly. Take one day to step away and visit a pumpkin patch with little ones, bake cookies, play in bubbles in the kitchen sink, jump into piles of Fall leaves on the lawn, fingerpaint, or read a story together. Take a minute to reconnect as a family before the hustle and bustle that the Holidays bring.  For more great ideas and tips for things to do on your own Technology Time Out,  visit Hallmark's website

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