Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Costume Supercenter ~ a review

Halloween is approaching fast, and with it comes kids begging to go costume shopping. I hate costume shopping; the tacky, overpriced, cheaply made costumes that are getting less and less age-appropriate by the year.

So, when I was approached by Costume Supercenter to do a review, I was skeptical. It was #4's turn to choose a costume, and I had rules. Nothing too short. Nothing gruesome. Nothing that showed more skin than shorts and a t-shirt ( I won BIG points with that one, let me tell you). After all, she IS only 11.

We browsed through tween costumes and rarely ever agreed on anything. I suggested cute things like Hannah Montana and VicTORIous characters. She suggested things that should have been worn by a 21 year old with a rack, at a photo shoot for Victoria's Secret. Until I realized she wasn't even on the right site (whew!).  And then... one night during a sleepover, where positive peer pressure was at it's finest, she found it. The Tween Twilight Trickster. Angels were singing the hallelujah chorus, the stars were all in alignment, and happiness reigned once again in the Monster House. The costume comes with leggings, frilly tutu, dress, and wings.  I was impressed with the amount of accessories included, given that the price of the costume was not exorbitant,

Whatever look your tween is going for this Halloween, you're sure to find it at Costume Supercenter, for a reasonable price. The quality of the product you'll receive is surprisingly good, shipment time is relatively quick, and you'll be the "cool mom" because your child got what they wanted~ never a bad thing.

The verdict is clear: Costume Supercenter is tops in our book. We'll be shopping there again for costumes for the rest of the monsters, from the three year old twinnies to our senior in high school, there's something there everyone will be happy with.

Now, there's only one more hurdle left for Halloween... how to get through the masses of monsters on a sugar high without losing my mind....

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