Monday, April 16, 2012

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Spring Cleaning, Freecycle Addiction, and Mooching Trolls

Wow, it's good to be back! I've missed you all! The last couple of months have been full of the drama, and when I'm stressed, I clean. I fly around the house in a whirlwind, scrubbing and vacuuming and going through everything; causing distress to the fam, and making the monsters duck and cover for fear I'll be scrubbing one of them next!

 In the last couple of weeks, I have rediscovered freecycle. Whoever figured this out was brilliant. Brilliant, I say! You go online, post a message about whatever it is that you want to get rid of, and people flood your email inbox and your text inbox with messages begging to take the item(s) off your hands.  You choose a lucky "winner", and they come to your house all excited and happy to pick up the things that you never want to see again. The recipient is appreciative because they got something fabulous for free, and you are appreciative, because you no longer have to deal with whatever it is you got rid of.

Spring cleaning has hit with a vengeance here. So much so, that I meet the Daddy at the door daily saying something like, "So, when a complete stranger comes up to the house and says they are here to pick up the cribs (or surround sound system, clothing, toys, etc), don't be alarmed!". The running joke is that one day soon, he'll come home, and there won't be anything left in the house but people!

I love the feeling of getting rid of something big and bulky that was just taking up space. I love getting rid of things that are outgrown, never used, or no longer age appropriate. And contrary to popular belief, I don't have the urge to fill up all the "new" space I now have in my home with more "stuff".

But, what do you do when you get hit with a Freecycle Troll? What's a Freecycle Troll? That would be the person that wants whatever you post, whenever you post it, and oh, can you deliver it to me, because I live 50 miles away. And it doesn't stop there. You get emails from the troll, telling you how desperate they are, and they need, need, NEED items 1-48, and since you've been posting such great stuff, they are sure you have these 48 items lying around the house just collecting dust. You know, things you never use, like computers, cars, Xboxes, ipods, Kindles.

So now, though I have more outgrown clothing to offer on Freecycle, I'm kinda scared! I love giving things to people who truly need them, but how do I get rid of the moocher? Helpful suggestions are appreciated. I have contacted the administrators for our local Freecycle.. but, this person already knows how to contact me. In the beginning of the freecycling, I didn't know what I was getting into with this person, and they came to my home to pick up some things. Now I'm wondering if they were just "casing the joint"! I say this lightly, but I'm really starting to wonder. It's not as though we live in a mansion, have 6 cars, and our door is manned by a butler....

See, this is what happens when I decide to clean house. Remind me never to do that again, willya? Thanks.

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