Monday, June 25, 2012

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And Now... The News

Happy Monday, all my dedicated Monster House addicts! There is SO much to tell you today. Firstly, though... a HUMONGOUS standing ovation to everyone who is participating in Jackson's Mail Flurry! Bombdiggity!!! I have heard several times from Gina, Jackson's mother, how touched and truly thankful the family is for all the love and support they feel with each envelope and package they receive. My cup runneth over, y'all. I'm proud of ya!! Keep those cards and letters coming. And, if you need a flier about the mail flurry to post on your church bulletin board, at a daycare, a library, your pediatrician's office, OT's office, whatever... shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send you the PDF.

Speaking of the mail flurry.. there is a completely awesome giveaway being hosted by my friend Deanne over at Small But Kinda Mighty. Here's all the info. What you do is, click on over to her site using the "completely awesome giveaway" link above. Create an ecard for Jackson using any iOS app, and then email it to .If you do not have an iOS device, no worries! Create a paper card, and scan it or take a digital picture of it, and email the pic to the email address above. Now, the cool part about doing this is, THEN you can enter some of her giveaways and gain extra entry points for emailing her the card! What could you win?? 

  • $10 gift card to iTunes, Target, or Amazon
  • One app of your choice from KidsAndBeyond, and a copy each of 123 Kids Fun All In One and 123 Kids Fun Alphabet.
  • Copy of 123 Kids Fun All In One and 123 Kids Fun Alphabet
Seriously.. how cool is THAT?? So, when you're done reading the news report from the Monster House, click on over people!! Deanne wants to collate all the cards that are emailed to her and get them to Jackson so he can see them before his surgery. And people? Surgery is this Friday. Get on it!!!

Next in the news, and just as important, is a need that became known to me late last week. Jackson needs a weighted blanket. And he needs it now.  Any of you that have little monsters, or even big monsters, with sensory issues know how helpful a weighted blanket can be. And you also know how seriously expensive they are.  Carl from Why Not Fathers has posted about this and has a great idea for getting them the blanket they need. Check it out by clicking the "great idea" link above. In case his idea doesn't work(and it might not), we are running a little fundraiser. We need to raise $300 pretty dang quick. It's not a lot of money, and it will purchase the weighted blanket Jackson needs. Please help, whether you donate $2 or $20, your contribution is enormous. Your help in promoting this fundraiser is greatly appreciated. We need to get the word out, and we need to do it quickly, so I'll ask you to please share this to facebook, twitter, google +, whatever social media you use, please post. Donations can be made through, and the info can be found in the next paragraph.

This brings me to the last bit of news for today. Sober up, y'all. And pay close attention. This part isn't going to be all fun and glitter. Here we go. Jackson's surgery is this Friday. As in, four days from now. That's quite a reality check, isn't it? On Friday afternoon, the halves of Jackson's brain will be separated. And no one is really quite sure what the outcome will be until they see it. And this is where it gets real. On Jackson's official site, there are not only daily updates, but also links for donations to the family through, and a page full of resources for those of you who would like to send gift cards for gas, meals, or groceries. Addresses for care packages and other resources can be found there as well. Remember, these needs start happening this weekend. THIS WEEKEND. The hospital is 30 miles away, which will make their gas costs soar. Gina and Hubs will be spending all the time they can at the hospital with Jackson, and will need to eat. The sibs will be tended while Gina and Hubs are at hospital, and there will HAVE to be groceries in the house. I think of it like this: if it were one of MY monsters having this surgery, I know Gina would be posting things like I am. I can't do any less for her, Jackson, and her fam.

I am continuously astounded at your generosity. I am regularly brought to tears with all you do for others. I know it's a lot that I'm asking. But, I'm asking. Because you would do it for me.

Broadway standing ovation image via The Producer's Perspective

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