Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Special Happenings

It occures to me that I have been negligent to my readers. Shame on me! I should be flogged, or prevented from baking for a week, or something equally drastic. So, let me remedy this situation. You all know about the awesomeness here, because well... you ARE here. But did you know that you can find even MORE awesomeness written by me over at Special Happens? That silly owner/editor over there, Gina St. Aubin, actually has me as a contributor. Sometimes I have a great deal of pity for the people that work with me. *ahem* Where was I? Oh, yes. If you don't know anything about Special Happens, let me enlighten you! Special Happens is:
 a growing community resource, full of inspiration, information and insight (mostly) from contributors who have children with special needs. We are focused on sharing our experiences and developing a community of support for caregivers, families, friends, therapists, and educators surrounding children with special needs 
Now, even though I know you have stopped reading my post at this point, and clicked right over to check out the incredible that Special Happens is, I have even more to share! Special Happens is currently accepting applications for new contributors! I can personally guarantee that it is a pleasure to work with the team of contributors that is there currently, and I really love the communication we all have with each other. We bounce ideas off one another, encourage each other, upon occasion there's a bitch and moan session... you know.. like a family!

So, if you have been wanting to write about your experiences with your child who has special needs, or you are a caregiver for a child with special needs, or you have anything else to do with special needs children that you'd like to be able to share with others, what are you waiting for? Oh. You want to know how to go about the process of applying, do you? Well that would be helpful. Here ya go. To apply, click this link and read all about it!

Good luck to you! I'm looking forward to seeing who joins our fabulous team of nutty exhausted partially lucid incredibly gifted writers (I'm there for comic relief and snark. Really. I so don't measure up to the greatness that is available there).

Image and quote are property of Special Happens and used here with permission. 

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