Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Bounty DuraTowel Review and Giveaway!

If you're anything like me, when the winter weather gives way to sunny days and warm breezes, I get the urge to purge. I go through the monsters' clothing, I sort through toys. And... much to the shock and horror of the entire fam, I start cleaning everything. Yes, folks, I have been bitten by that evil little Spring cleaning bug. Spring has sprung, even though Mother Nature wasn't all that cooperative for the first little while.

Now, here at the Monster House, we make messes. Lots and lots of messes. Some of them are easy to take care of, and some of them aren't. And with Logan's allergies and sensitivities, I have had to become really aware of things that could pose a potential hazard to him. I don't just mean chemicals, though I am starting to shift to chemical free cleaners.

One major change that I have made is that I have stopped using the traditional dish rag. That little scrap of fabric is a breeding ground for bacteria, and something I don't even want to think about seeing under a blacklight or microscope. But, it's tradition, right? The dishrag folded over the partition between the sinks after the dishes are done and the sinks wiped out. The same dishrag that I just used on the counters, rinsed, used on the stove top, rinsed, used on the coffee pot, rinsed, used on the cabinet doors, rinsed, washed dishes with, and wiped sinks with. And, because of all that, I effectively spread bacteria and germs evenly all over my kitchen. Yummy, right? Who could ask for anything more?

Well, Bounty has come up with a much better alternative. Bounty's DuraTowel is my new favorite cleaning tool in the kitchen. The disposable dishcloth. The cloth-like texture and weight of this paper towel makes it a worthy opponent to any kitchen clean up task. And using disposable dishcloths can leave surfaces up to three times cleaner than your traditional dishrag.*

Now, you know me. I have seven monsters running around. I cook from scratch every day. We have sit down dinners together every evening. I bake a lot. I do a lot.. a LOT... of dishes. There are fingerprints on everything, and pretty much anything that can be spilled usually is. So I was skeptical. Very skeptical. Because you just have to know that things that work for smaller families with fewer disasters usually are not up to the task of the Monster House.

Scary stove
So, I decided I would use DuraTowel on the meanest kitchen job I had available. Scrubbing the stove. And people? This was not just a few spatters of tomato sauce. This was after Sunday dinner, with the pot roast and the real mashed potatoes and the gravy and the honey glazed carrots and the dinner rolls and the veggie sides. You should know that anything that could boil over, splatter, spill onto the burner and cremate itself that day, did. And it scared even me. So I thought to myself, "Self, let's see how this....(little snicker in my head).. paper towel... does on my stove." I have pictures as evidence. You won't believe this. *I* didn't believe it. And I was there! Check this out. Look to the right. Observe the scariness. Usually? I have a routine where I use a razor blade, rinse, use scotch brite pad with powdered cleanser, rinse, use a spritz of my favorite liquid cleaner, and do a little polish with a dishrag. But this time.. I didn't.

I did the spritz with the kitchen cleaner. And I used a shake or two of powdered cleanser. But I didn't used a razor blade. I didn't use a scotch brite pad. I didn't use anything except 2 DuraTowels, certain that they would be in shreds within the first 34 seconds of cleaning. And then I would get out the trusty razor.

It was not in shreds in 34 seconds. Or even in 5 minutes. Or 10. In fact...well.. the pictures speak for themselves. So here's another one. People? It held up. It held up as well as the scary bacteria breeding dishrag. It didn't shred. And though I have to admit that by the time I was done with it, the layers had separated, there was not one hole in those paper towels! I'm not a gentle cleaning person. I hate to do the dirty cleaning at the end of the night. I put major elbow grease into it. And I am so impressed, I can't even tell you.

To be completely fair, I took a picture of the before and after, side by side,  DuraTowel. The two sheets on the left are after scrubbing my stove, the oven door, the control panel, the knobs and the part under the knobs (yes, I have more than one knob. But I have to hide them, because the monsterlettes can turn on my stove if I don't.).

Dirty. Greasy. But NOT SHREDDED! WOW!
Bounty DuraTowel can be found at your favorite grocery or mass merchandise store for the MSRP of $3.19. AND.... you can enter here to be one of three, yes THREE, lucky winners of Bounty DuraTowel by using the rafflecopter form below. It just doesn't get much better than that!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*based on a secure P&G demonstration comparing a used dishtowel to DuraTowel under a blacklight after cleaning up 1tsp. spaghetti sauce, 10 mls coffee, and 1/8 tsp creamer on a laminate countertop.

Bounty and DuraTowel are property of Proctor and Gamble, and images and references are used here with permission for purposes of this review and giveaway only.

I was given free product for purposes of review. I was not compensated monetarily, or otherwise, for my honest opinion on this product.

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