Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

I have always been fascinated with people that are so in tune with their bodies' needs, and have done so much research, that they can tell me with a straight face all about the 40 supplements they are taking and why,  where they are deficient or where there is an overabundance they are working on correcting. 

Parents of children like my Logan monsterlette, that can do that for their special needs children simply astound me. I have been on forums where parents talk about fish oil, yeast modification, probiotics, metal detox. (which honestly, the first time I read that on a support forum I thought they were talking about a band. I admit my cluelessness willingly) as though it were information everyone already had. That's deep, scary water for me.

I reach my saturation point for vitamin and mineral supplement research about 6.4 seconds after I start reading. It just stops making sense. I get so confused and turned around, I have to stop. I know there are real benefits to vitamins and supplements and the like, but I can't get into it. At all. I feel like my IQ points are melting by the dozen when I try once again to learn about this subject. It makes me start wondering what MY disability is, since I can read nitty gritty details about gfcfsfcf all day long and comprehend it.

I have to wonder how much better Logan would be doing if he were receiving whatever supplements he needs. Clearly, the boy's out of whack somewhere, because we cannot get control of his extreme eczema even with medication and diet modification. And, that ever present little thought in the back of my mind that continuously makes me wonder if the febrile seizures would stop if we could just find the right supplement or do a yeast modification, or address heavy metals in his system... or...

It's frustrating, really. I have a mental image of walking into a health food store, going to the vitamin section, and lifting Logan above my head as I look at the vitamins and plead, " Take me to your leader!"  Well. I'm nothing if not a Drama Queen. I'd probably be arrested and have my face plastered all over the 6:00 news, and the headline across my face in the upper right corner of your TV screen would read " BREAKING NEWS: Mother tries to sacrifice toddler to vitamin gods at GNC"

It's an ongoing battle for me... a downfall that I hope to be able to correct in the near future, and I do keep working on it. But it's a big blow to me to know that I could be helping Logan more, but I just don't understand how to go about it.

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ShesAlwaysWrite said...

I learned about essential fatty acid supplementation from the book The Late Talker. It's not possibly to overstate how skeptical and conservative I am about any kind of supplementation... and I was convinced to try it. Big important medical instituitions have started taking it very seriously because it noticeably helps kids with autism and SPD. The initial theory is that it supports myelination.

We started Bear on it right before he turned 2. I think it helped his language breakthrough, and it also appears to have helped the skin problems he was having. And in general his progress has been so remarkable I have to wonder if it's simply contributing overall.

It's only 1/4 tsp of fish oil once a day (we got the bottled liquid rather than breaking capsules). We don't do it every day because it affects his diapers badly.

It's worth maybe checking that book out of the library and reading that one chapter. It's a cheap, easy and safe (but check with your pediatrician!) thing to try and the anecdotal evidence for efficacy is so powerful real clinical trials are under way.

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