Friday, October 22, 2010

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Breakfast in Bed

This morning I was treated like a queen. I was gently, sweetly awakened by monsters. Not the normal monsters, who yell and scream and pound on the door and holler  "MOM! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!  I'm TELLLLLLLLLING!!! MOM!" Oh no. The monsters that woke me this morning were speaking just above a whisper, and had crawled into the bed with me and started snuggling me and saying "I love you, Mom!" ( OK, I admit it, it WAS just a tad creepy, because the #3 monster kept everyone up and waiting for dinner until 1030 last night because he refused to do his chore until then. I was sure today was going to be round 457,912 of Monster House Battle of the Wills)

The faces of my monsters viewed by still blurry eyes, and processed with a still slumbering brain, were sweet and angelic, full of anticipation of a favorable reaction to their culinary efforts. Allow me to just pause right here and explain a couple things. Anyone who brings me coffee first thing in the morning, light and sweet, placed in my hand while I am still horizontal so as not to require any effort on my part, is automatically my hero. That's the way it works.

The menu of this breakfast in bed was flawless. Toast, toasted to a perfect light golden brown and spread with a minuscule amount of butter (they were thinking about heart health), scrambled eggs~ not runny and not dried out, with a side of ketchup, coffee (perfection in a coffee cup), and a Twinkie ( because every meal needs dessert, and Twinkies are their favorite) served on a one of a kind breakfast tray, handcrafted from the top of a cardboard barrel.


To my monsters, #3 (on the left), #4( on the right),and #5 ( that's the little one in the middle), who are reading over my shoulder as I type....

Thank you for making my day. I love you VERY much, and appreciate everything you do for me. You are my everything...and yes. I think you deserve a Twinkie now, too. BUT DON"T GET ONE UNTIL LOGAN GOES DOWN TO NAP!!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Awwww... How incredibly sweet! I wondered how the night turned out after our text... I fell asleep without checking in. Glad to hear today started out better!

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