Monday, October 25, 2010

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Brain tumors, bald babies, and bubble wrap

Today is a school holiday. This means that ALL the monsters, with the exception of #5 who is on visitation with his father, are home. This also means the noise and activity levels in the Monster House are permanently set at "Cacophony". The Daddy is also home because he has been sick since Friday, which serves to add just that much more to the melee.

About an hour ago, while the twinnie monsterlettes were napping, the Daddy was doing an amazing job of pretending to die in the man cave, and I had threatened the monsters with "VERY BAD THINGS!" if they woke the twinnies or disturbed my writing, I sat down *again* to write. #3 and #4 decided that would be the most opportune time to resume snipping at each other. Loudly. So, I did what any other mother of  7 monsters would have done. I jumped up, stomped over to the snipping 3 and 4, and snarled quietly explained, " Babies, you are giving your  Momma a brain tumor, and if you don't cease and desist immediately, I will rip all your hair out, and you won't be nearly as cute if you're bald."  Do you know, #3 and #4 looked at me and  started LAUGHING?!?! I mean, here I was, going to all the effort of thinking up new and disturbing things to threaten them with, and they LAUGHED! And then... they started snipping about who would look cuter BALD! Oh, seriously.

Now, this is only the FIRST part of the story! Brace yourself for the second. The Fed Ex people loved us today and did their signature ding dong ditch delivery system perfected just for us ( refer back to the  blog about visiting the Monster House, if you don't know about the Fed Ex and UPS Monster House delivery system). We received loot, from a company I can't officially mention because I am not compensated or allowed to link to them here. So, I'll simply say that their gift basket will help a lot in making sure that Logan will....uh, enjoy life.

Now, packed around this gift basket was bubble wrap.  A LOT of bubble wrap. When straightened out, it was a full ten feet of bubble wrap. By this time, the twinnie monsterlettes were awake and eagerly listening and watching #2 teach "Stomping on bubble wrap 101" . So now, I have the sounds of machine gun fire, twinnie giggles, snipping, moaning from the man cave, and loud complaints about the injustice of having to do the dishes, or clean the bathroom, or clean out the corner where the sensory table lives.

I gave up trying to write the blog I had started, and instead wrote this one, concentrating on all the activity, laughter, and everyday craziness that the Monster House is known for. And you know what? I LOVE it! Logan was jumping up and down on bubble wrap. YAY! Points for Logan for doing PT and OT all on his own!

Monsters 1 and 2 were enjoying the play as well, twisting the bubble wrap and keeping monsterlette #6 entertained.

#3 finished his chores and went skateboarding with friends, effectively stopping the snipping with #4. 

#4 happily raided the Daddy's change jar and went to the store to buy rubber gloves, because " It is NOT right to have a toilet look and smell like that, MOTHER! Can't you tell the boys to AIM??? And I ain't cleaning it without rubber gloves!" ( it should be noted that I have taught the monsters that "ain't" is a curse word, so she really thought she was being rebellious by using it.. I'm okay with that kind of rebelliousness from time to time.) It should also be noted that in doing this impromptu glove shopping, #4 effectively managed to get out of doing her bathroom cleaning chore for an extra half hour. I'm impressed!

And the Momma? Well.. The Momma just finished writing a blog. Fancy that! It only took 3 hours, 40 fun size candy bars, brain tumors, threats of baldness, and bubble wrap to get it done. Happy Monday, all!

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