Friday, October 1, 2010

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Just another day in Paradise....

Today has been.... well, it's been quite a day. You all know what I mean. Drama by the truckload, buckets of little monsterlette tears, siblings trying to inflict mortal wounds upon each other. Therefore, I'm hoping y'all will understand when I say, my brain is tired.

I would love to wave my magic blogging wand and sprinkle sparkly pink frazzledmomma dust all over creation and entertain you.... but I just can't. Forgive me, and accept the following as a peace offering. Tomorrow has GOT to be better. Right? This really is a question. It WILL be better tomorrow, right?

The following was found on and is making the rounds on facebook. It was so cute, I just had to share with all y'all. I really DO hate IEPs! Enjoy.. and I'll be back to my witty and oh, so sarcastic self tomorrow. I promise.

Dr. Seuss's IEP

Author Unknown
(To The Rythm Of "Green Eggs & Ham")
Do you like these IEPs?
I do not like these IEPs
I do not like them, Geez Louise
We test, we check
We plan, we meet
But nothing ever seems complete
Would you, could you like the form?
I do not like the form I see
Not page 1, not 2, not 3
Another change
A brand new box
I think we all
Have lost our rocks
Could you all meet here or there?
We could not all meet here or there
We cannot all fit anywhere!
Not in a room
Not in the hall
There seems to be no space at all
Would you, could you meet again?
I cannot meet again next week
No lunch, no prep
Please hear me speak
No not at dusk. No not at dawn
At 4 p.m. I should be gone
Could you hear while all speak out?
Would you write the words they spout?
I could not hear, I would not write
This does not need to be a fight
Sign here, date there
Mark this, check that
Beware the student's ad-vo-cat(e)
You do not like them
So you say
Try again, try again!
And you may
If you will let me be
I will try again
You'll see
I almost like these IEPs!
I think I'll write six thousand three
And I will practice day and night
Until they say
"You've got it right!"

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