Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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But WHY do you call them "monsters"?!?!


Jim Henson is one of my heroes. I know I tell you about my heroes all the time, but I have a LOT of them, OK?!

He taught the world that monsters are not necessarily bad things. They can be cuddly, and funny, and teach you things. They each have their own unique personalities, the things which make them well, THEM. 

Think about it. Miss Piggy. Self centered, loud, demanding, and in your face. And she loves her Kermee. A LOT. 

Kermit, well, he's a frog. A singing, cute, emcee of a frog. And he'd better love Miss Piggy back or he's squished.

The old men in the theater. Seriously. Who DOESN'T know an old man or two like that?

My monsters are the same. They each have their own personalities, they love fiercely, they irritate people upon occasion, they have been known to break into song, some of them have Gonzo moments... but they are ALL snuggly and unique and MINE. And sometimes they are monsters than only a mother could love. And she does. For better or worse, for ever and ever. ( Even though notorious #5 could be Animal's stunt double).

And THAT, my oh so curious readers, is why I have monsters.  NOW do you think I'm a horrible mother for calling them monsters? I've gotten so much flack about that.....

OH! OH! Brilliant idea! I need to have a Jim Henson monster maker representative come and observe the monsters and make me the furry Henson versions of monsters 1-7!! Oh, yeah. I need that for Christmas. And a life size fuzzy Daddy monster.... I could do this all day. At the VERY least, I need an  illustrated monster portrait . Hmmmmmmmm. Horrible shame that I can't draw or sew to save my life. Dang it.

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Anonymous said...

you can make your own muppets here:;jsessionid=K0vtMkXX19gpXZGyt0gspLL2rdhfyX6GhydlNxgPKQmzDDSLbnB0!-416928775

not sure if you can get a discount for 7 of them :-)

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