Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Color Me House

We're sure sad that today is Mara's last toy post here on LwL. But be sure to hop over to the Let Kids Play website for lots more toys and ideas! Thanks for sharing with us, Mara!

Color Me Rocket 
If you are looking for a play house that your children can color themselves, I feel that the best one on the market is Color Me House.  Color Me House makes two models, one is a house and the other a rocket ship.  What I like about them is that they are big enough for a child to climb into once they have finished decorating. The house is 35" long by 27.5" wide by 48" high. The rocket is 65" high by 51 inches wide (fin to fin) by 32" across. The outside is white and doesn't have any "coloring book" aspects.  This enables the child to use their full imagination to decorate.  It also does not open up the feeling of failure, if you don't stay within the lines. (I never could stay in the lines).  There are cute windows, doors, and sky lights to provide light inside the fort.

The Color Me House and Rocket are easy to assemble and fold back up easily for storage.  They are eco-friendly.  They are made of strong, sturdy 100% recycled cardboard.

According to their website, "Color Me House, founded by mompreneur April McCray, was inspired by a passion for creativity and her husband's tales of childhood memories building huge cardboard forts. "I think that everyone has memories of building forts and playing in boxes. Often the boxes are even more fun that the gift itself! Those memories always bring a smile to our hearts. My own children's love of making forts inspired me to move forward and create something that was more than just a box. What better freedom of expression is there for a child than a crayon and a blank canvas to create." Color Me House was created to help children use their imaginations and be creative. The Color Me House family of products are also eco-friendly, recyclable, and made in the USA. Color Me House is a great way to help kids think inside and outside of the box!"
Here is review from another mommy blogger:

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