Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Monsters, facebook, and the "like' button

At the Monster House, life is NEVER dull. Never. As in, not one single minute of one single day. Life is SO interesting, I keep my friends and family (well, the friends and family who are brave enough to add me as a friend, anyway) entertained simply with my status posts on facebook. Today, (because it's Sunday, and I got to sleep in, and when I woke up there was BACON.. and  therefore I'm now lethargic) I'm doing a major c&p so you will get to see the stupidity wackiness that is life at the Monster House. I can't make up stuff this good. Happy Sunday, everyone! Love on your monsters for me.

Frazzledmomma Status on fb, last Friday evening   
#3 got beat up. By a ten year old girl. Thoroughly. I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!

friend of the family
Oh... oh, my...

You cannot seriously tell me you didn't at least SMILE when you read that. But I swear it's true. And NOW I have to figure out how to ground the kid for tormenting a little girl..... which is why she opened up a can of whup @$$.

great aunt to the monsters
Sounds like she took care of the problem. Hopefully he has learned.

friend of the family
That's what I was thinking lol Lesson learned? :D

i know.. but dang it.... the kid is TWELVE.. and he's tormenting little girls. Although, he WAS bleeding. Bleeding trumps being grounded.

‎"so, #3, what have we learned?"
"don't piss off girls?"
"well done. Carry on."


uncle to the monsters
Poor kid. I almost feel bad for him. But it pretty much sounds like he kinda deserved it

Have I mentioned that there were FOUR boys... and she whupped them ALL? and it took three of the aforementioned boys to pull her off #3 when she started choking him? I don't even WANNA know what she's like when she's old enough for PMS!
^^1 like!!!^^

different friend of the family
I laughed. Oh boy that is a pretty rough day lol

friend of frazzledmomma
LOL, tail end, but still funny!

aunt to the monsters by marriage
of course you realize he might be in love now.

no chance of that. A) he already has a "girlfriend", which we all know means they sit together at lunch and hold hands between classes, but that's about it and
B) this amazon that beat him up has been annoying him and everyone else in town since she was old enough to whine.
uncle to the monsters
So who IS this "amazon girl?"

The amazon girl? well, THAT would be telling! And tattling is against the law at the monster house! ;)

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